Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th May 2022 Written Update: Ram and Nandini have a huge fight!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram putting allegations on Krish that he likes Priya. Krish says I think you are high. Ram says it can be seen. Krish says good night and goes. Here, Priya think if she should call Ram? I can never understand him, he gets angry so easily, I shouldn’t have dropped the bomb of kidnapping like this suddenly, I am also his wife and I will do everything to convince him, but I can’t call right now as it’s already late, let me call tomorrow. Priya sleeps.

Next day, Ram wonders why didn’t Priya call me back? Does she think that I should only convince her? I hope she has taken the medicines on time, she takes care of everyone but forgets about herself. Nandini comes and asks Ram if it’s true that Priya got kidnapped? Ram says who told you? Nandini says so it’s true, none of you told me? Thank god Adi told me. Ram says it won’t happen from next time. Nandini says so you also didn’t know? How can Priya do this? Like her, our lives can also be in danger. Ram says we are so close to catch that person and Priya got scared. Ram gets a call and takes a leave when Nandini stops him. Nandini says nowadays I have seen you are always inclined towards Priya no matter if she is wrong, why aren’t you doing something about this, what about us? You are doing this to us because we are financially dependent on you? Ram says no.

Nandini says nowadays you don’t share anything about me, like making Ishan study abroad. Ram says he is getting a scholarship. Nandini says see I didn’t know that, staying in the same roof also, I don’t know about things. Ram says I know why you are feeling like this, I am making my will and Shubham has his business. Nandini says Priya has 5 percent. Ram says but majority is with Shubham, don’t worry I will assure you all have the shares. Ram goes. While, Priya thinks why is Ram not picking up. Nandini thinks now I am really fed up of pretending to be a good mother, I just need the shares now.

Priya is trying for calls when Varun asks Priya if she is fine. Priya says yes. Varun sees the purse and thinks to take the papers. Sara calls everyone for breakfast. Varun pretends to talk on a call and takes something from bag which gets seen by Priya. Varun says Mahender has arranged an interview call for me. Priya says so you are not joining Ram? Varun says not yet decided. Varun goes when Sara wishes him congratulations. Varun says thanks and goes.

Priya finds it suspicious. Ishan goes to his room for breakfast so Priya talks to Sara about how Varun is acting strange and took something from Sara’s bag. Sara says he must have taken money, actually he usually has less money so he takes from my bag. Priya says but that is theft. Sara says it’s his ego issues, so I also pretend not to notice, not all marriages are like your and Ram, not everyone has perfect married life. Priya apologies to Sara for asking such question. Sara says it’s nothing. Sara goes when Priya thinks how Ram is not answering her calls when she called, he missed it. Here, Ram is thinking, he needs Priya the most and she is not with him and just missed called once. Ram says I want to see by when she returns. Priya thinks I am waiting for Ram to call me back.

Later, Ram is driving and comes to Priya’s home. Priya is in auto when she gets to know from Pawan that Ram is not at home and has went out. Ram also finds from Sara that, Priya is not at home. Sara finds Ram upset so she tries to calm Ram. Ram says I think where is Priya. Ram thinks even I did wrong by shouting at her. Later, Priya comes to bakery and says Mr. Kapoor come out, I know you are eating cake here. Ram comes from behind and wonders why Priya is so upset from start. Priya sees him and they both taunt each other for not calling and picking up each other’s call. Priya starts throwing her purse when Ram takes it up and wipes it. Priya says this purse is expensive so you are taking care of it. Ram says you are hiding more things from me and you only got upset, I came here to console you but see yourself. Priya says to make it even you also do something without telling me. Ram says I already did, I met Vedika, you shared about your kidnapping to Krish your crush so I also met my ex lover. Priya says your ex lover? Priya is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandini is surprised to see all the property named after her. While Ram realises he should name it after Priya and asks Adi to change it.

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