Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th November 2022 Written Update: Ram hires Lovely as his Pa

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ram struggling with his flashback. He shouts for his employee. He gets Lovely texting him and Ram’s mood changes as he teases her. Priya falls in front of Vedhika’s car and creates a scene. Public supports Priya. Vedhika gets angry at her while Priya again creates scene. Vedhika accuses her for creating drama and faking accident. Priya provokes Vedhika who shows attitude in front of public. Police comes there to take Vedhika while Priya recalls Pihu confessing about Vedhika insulting her. She thinks that she wouldn’t spare her for hurting both Pihu and Ram and will make her pay.

Ram interviews few candidates and got frustrated. He’s about to give up when Lovely comes there. Ram asks what’s she doing here and accuses her for tring to loot money from him. Lovely calls out his Ram’s thinking about poor people. They both fight when Shubham comes there. Lovely avoids facing him but says that a much as she know about companies none should enter the Boss cabin without knocking. Shubh gets angry at her and thinks that Ram would take his side. However Ram agrees with Lovely’s words to treat all employees equally shocking Shubh. He leaves angrily when Lovely expresses her happiness to get hired by Ram.She sees flowers on table and asks about it. Ram says about meeting Pihu outside the café who got hurt. He says that he felt special connection towards her. Priya gets emotional hearing it. He gives the flowers to her and she thinks it’s reaching the right person. Vedhika fights with Inspector when Priya comes there and taunts her. Vedhika feels trapped and finally accepts that it’s her fault and got fined.

Shubham complaints about Ram’s pa and asks where was Vedhika. Vedhika comes there and says that she was in Police Station. She says that Priya planned a fake accident and go her complained. Nandhini asks about the new pa but Vedhika says she didn’t shortlist her. Shubham asks then how did she come to interview. Vedhika says that it doesn’t matter as she’s an ugly girl who was in need of job. Priya gives Pihu the flowers given by Ram and also says about getting the job as Ram’s pa. Pihu gets extremely happy. Vedhika challenges to terminate her in the next 7 days or force her to quit the job. She plans to not let her second chance go in vain for some stupid pa. Priya thinks that she won’t keep quite and will definitely fight Nandhini , Vedhika and Shunham for Ram and Pihu.

Precap : Ram will get angry seeing someone and Shubham will say that it’s his pa who hired him. Nandhini will call Lovely useless for the job and will terminate her. Priya will say that she can’t terminate her as she was hired by Ram

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