Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19th January 2023 Written Update: Avni’s father’s condition to Lakhan.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19th January 2023 Written Update on

Priya and everyone sing and play game to lift Ram’s mood. Ram thanks everyone for making him happy. Meera says that they shouldn’t value others curse but theirs boon. Ram agrees with her. Priya thinks to keep all the wrong people away from Ram. Ram’s family urges Pihu to leave with them but she denies. Sara convinces her by luring her with party and Pihu leaves with them. Ram takes Priya with him to their room. Avni’s father says Shubham that Ram will value Lakhan over him and Sid. Shubh disagree with that saying that Ram values only him and Sid. Avni’s father says that he has no idea about Ram if he thinks so. He says that Ram forgiven every mistake of theirs and never left their side while Lakhan is his real brother. He says that Ram would accept Lakhan too and regrets for not knowing about Lakhan and Swati before. Sid asks what would he have done if he knew about Lakhan. He asks if he would have fixed Av i’s marriage with Lakhan.

Avni’s father says that it’s not like that but Sid is not ready to listen to him. He prepones his wedding with Avni. Ram asks Priya to bring milk like traditional way for first night. Priya calls it cheesy but Ram urges her. They both bicker and finally Priya leaves to get the milk. Nandhini calls Swati to meet her outside. She sees Priya and hides from her eyes. She sneaks away without Priya noticing it. While Priya is away Ram gets surprise planned for her. Priya comes back with milk and Ram keeps it away. Priya scolds him for troubling her to get the milk and then keeping it away. She asks him to drink and not waste it. Lakhan thinks if he needs to plead in front of Ram for his love and gets frustrated.

Priya makes Ram drink the whole milk and Ram asks if she’s happy now and Priya says yes. Ram calls Priya to the same place where they first met. Nandhini calls Swati to MG Road. Ram and Priya are in car when Priya says that they are going to MG Road. Ram says that it’s not but Priya says she’s sure that they are going to MG Road. Voice Assistant confirms what she told and Priya praises herself. Ram and Priya reminisce about the cafe. Lakhan comes to meet Avni but her father stops him. He makes it clear that he would accept his relationship with Avni only when Ram officially announces him as his mother. He also reminds him tat Sid and Avni’s wedding is not called off yet.

Priya and Ram were parked at a distance where Nandhini is also present with her car. Swati gets down from auto when Nandhini notices Ram and Priya through mirror. She moves away in car. Swati also sees them and understands why Nandhini left. Nandhini warms her to leave without Ram through phone and Swati leaves getting back into auto. Ram gets angry. Lakhan calls Ram to meet him but Ram thinks he that it’s Lakhan who asked Swati to stay away. He lashed out at him and refuses to meet him saying that only Shubham is his brother. He cuts the call while Lakhan is upset.

Precap : Ram and Priya’s romantic moment in cafe. Swati accuses Nandhini for breaking her promise and Nandhini says that it’s her who first did it.

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