Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19th September 2022 Written Update: Nandini’s plan puts Vedika in danger!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram informing Nandini and Vedika that they will inform Pihu that she is our both’s daughter, we will raise her together and we won’t give any right to anyone to snatch this love from Pihu. Ram says mom you should know how both mom and dad are needed by a child. Nandini pretends to be upset and says I understand your point but when it comes to Priya it is difficult. Ram says but she is a mother to Pihu. Nandini says so now because of Pihu, Priya’s important is much higher? Ram says it’s not about that, you are mon you have lost your daughter, you know the pain still you are saying this? You should say sorry to a mom. Nandini is shocked and says sorry to Priya. Nandini asks Shubham and Vedika to apologies too. They all leave. Ram also says sorry and leaves. Priya thinks I was right Ram couldn’t do this, thank god I confided in Ram.

Later, Priya thinks how everything is getting so expensive and she can’t stay here nor with Meera. Priya thinks to get a job and hide this from Ram. Krish calls Priya and says I am sorry I should have trusted you and Ram. Priya says it’s okay, I also got clouded, it was Pihu who asked me to stay and talk to Ram. Krish says she is smart also take care that out of revenge if Nandini blackmails you about the jailtime thing? Priya says I have learnt that I will not show I am afraid, I will myself tell Pihu all the truth but first it’s important for Pihu to learn about her dad. Krish says she will get very happy, she is enjoying so much with Ram that she is not even talking to me, I get jealous. Priya says even I get jealous sometime.

Here, Pihu is finding Priya when she comes to Ram and asks about Priya. Ram says she must be in kitchen. Pihu says I got afraid thinking about how she was sick for 2 years. Ram says now she will never be sick. Pihu sees a glass in Ram’s hand and asks about it. Ram thinks Priya will for sure be angry at me. Ram says it’s nothing. Pihu says it looks tasty. Ram hides the alcohol. Pihu says tell me please. Ram says it’s apple juice. Pihu says I love apple juice, give me too. Ram says no. Ram dodges the glass from Pihu while she requests to have a sip.

Here, Nandini and Vedika are in room. Vedika says you guys always put all the blame on me. Nandini says don’t be so dramatic, i supported you only and what Shubham did was for Ram to believe. Vedika says but at the end we are at loss. Nandini says Priya doesn’t know how Nandini always have a back up plan. Nandini shows Vedika a dress of Priya and asks her to dress up as Priya and take Pihu away. Vedika says I won’t believe you, if Ram catches me then I will be in trouble and he will hand me over to police. Nandini says you have to do it and we will add sleeping pills in Ram’s drinks. Vedika looks on confused.

Here, Ram and Pihu are practicing eating peanuts by throwing it into each other other. Ram says I have practiced this a lot in college days with Adi and Vikrant. Ram gets a call so he goes. Priya comes with muffins for Pihu and Ram. Pihu says he has gone for a call, come help me practice eating peanuts like this. Priya says it will get stuck in throat, wait. Pihu keeps throwing it and suddenly one goes inside Priya’s mouth. The peanut gets stuck inside Priya’s throat. She coughs and asks for water. Pihu gives her the drink thinking it to be apple juice. Priya gets better and says what was this it was so bitter. Ram comes and asks Pihu why she gave that to Priya? Pihu says she was coughing so I gave this but why was apple juice bitter? Ram says because it was medicine. Ram thinks Priya gets drunk so easily and this was so much alcohol. Ram says Priya you are so cute. Pihu gets confused. Ram thinks to control himself. Priya says I want to go to room. Pihu takes Priya. Ram thinks Pihu won’t be able to handle it, I need to go with them. Ram aska Pawan to bring lemon water. He goes.

Later, Pawan is going to give lemon water when Vedika says Ram changed his mind and wants drink. She keeps the alcohol glass with sleeping pills in his tray. Here, Pihu is moving Priya’s head and she us getting dizzy and drunk. Priya acts funny so Pihu laughs. Priya says I see so many Ram. Ram comes and asks Pihu to go and bring peanuts to practice. Priya says no Pihu don’t go. Pihu says I will be back soon. She goes. Priya tries to pull her but she pulls Ram instead and Ram falls on Priya. They both look at each other and think of all past moments.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram and Priya are coming close so Pihu records it and thinks this bitter drink did it’s magic and I got my dream family. Later, Vedika comes dressed as Priya and takes Pihu.

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