Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st June 2022 Written Update: Ram does last rites of Shivi!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya, Krish and Ram in jail. Priya says I accept whatever punishment you want to give me as I can imagine what you all might be going through. Ram says I just told a mother that her daughter is dead so don’t say that you can imagine. Krish says what kind of love is this, atleast do a investigation. Priya says what’s the need of investigation when I am accepting the mistake, it all happened by mistake. Ram says I am a eye witness and if Priya is protecting anyone else then also Priya is at fault of killing my love. Ram goes while remembering all her moments with Priya.

Here, Ishan comes to meet Priya. Ishan says how he doesn’t want to go to jail. Priya says you won’t, I will. Ishan says but I did it. Priya says promise me you will not say this to anyone as you know your mom stayed away from you because she wanted you to study, so fullfill that. Ishan promises and says sorry. Ishan leaves.

Here, Ram is crying in his room when Brinda comes and tries to console him. Brinda asks about what Priya said? Ram says she said, she did it by mistake, I love Priya but I can’t let it be. Brinda says I don’t know what to say, but I understand your situation, let’s take one step at a time, first we need to fullfill the last rites of Shivi. Ram cries. Here, Sara says to Priya, I won’t go anywhere till the time you tell me the truth. Priya says it’s the truth and Ishan is under stress as he saw Shivi fall down. Sara says I can’t handle things without you. Priya says please handle yourself. Krish comes to take Priya. Later, Priya goes to jail. Krish says I know what you are doing, you knew it accidental death is 2 years of jail time, you talking to Ishan, I know Shivi is pushed that too by Ishan. Priya says please don’t say that. Krish says so you are spending jailtime for someone else? Priya says what would you have done if you are at my place? Krish says i would have never fallen in love. Krish says I would not let you suffer, I am here so don’t worry.

Here, Shivi’s last rite is going on when Brinda also blames Priya. Adi says how can you say that? Brinda says I know it now that these two can’t be together and Ram will not be the same. Soods come there and Mami says what are these murderers doing? Ram goes to Akki and asks them to go. Akki says I was Shivi’s husband. Ram says you were and with Shivi the relation also died so just leave. Here, Krish brings Priya to hospital for pregnancy test. Doctor takes the blood sample and also takes Priya inside for checking her up.

The soods leave while everyone cries specially Ram and Nandini. They complete the last rites of Shivi. Nandini tells Ram he did right, he completed the duties of big brother. Nandini asks Ram to bring back Shivi. Mami and Brinda try to console her. Adi consoles Ram. Later, Adi and Vikrant talk about how now life of Ram is unpredictable and they don’t know if Ram and Priya can reunite, they can just hope for the best.

Here, Priya removes all her jewelleries and remembers Ram and her moments. Priya is in the jail saree and gets sad. She remembers Krish asking her to think of the best. Here, Vikrant asks Adi what can they do. Adi says only some miracle can bring Ram and Priya together. Brinda comes and asks Adi to go to Ram. Vikrant says I hope that miracle happens. Brinda says whatever Ram has lost it can’t be undone so don’t stay in false hopes. In the jail, doctor comes to give Priya the report and says it’s positive and you are pregnant. Priya gets emotional and happy. She hugs Krish. Krish gets bit awkward. They break the hug and says now this is our hope, after Ram gets to know you are pregnant, he will definitely take you out of here, nothing will happen to Ishan. Krish says you can think on it while I will tell Ram. Priya says I will tell him. Krish thinks thank god now Priya will be out.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya tells Ram about the baby not being his.

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