Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st November 2022 Written Update: Vedhika hits Priya making her unconscious.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ram getting emotional and Priya video calls him. She asks him about his fears and Ram asks whether Adi told her everything. They  both discuss aout their marriage. Priya says that from the time she came back she wanted to say one thing and that’s I love you. Ram asks her to forget the past and reminds her that bride and groom shouldn’t see each other’s face before marriage. Priya says that she’s ready to break the rules and Ram teases her. They cut the call when Priya finally norices that the papers she has is property transfer papers and understands their plan.

Veena comes to Ram to make him get ready. She understands that he wants his family’s presence in his wedding and has already decided to name the properties on them. She asks him to convey it to them and do whatever needed to bring them for the wedding. Nandhini and Shubh are nervous about what to do when Priya comes there. She warns them to not do anything anymore and shows the papers. She threatens to onform Ram when Vedhika hits her from behind.

Nandhini gets shocked but VCedhika says that they have no other option. She says that she can’t let Ram snatch everything from her and so did it. Shubh agrees with her. In the meantime, Ram sends voice message to Nandhini about naming all the properties on her and requests her to attend the weding. He says that he always considered them his family and he would feel incomplete without their presence.

Nandhini gets Ram’s voice message but Vedhika and her son convinces her that they have no option other than doing it. Nandhini is about to play it but changes her mind accepting their decision. Ram and Priya’s mother were impatiently waiting for Priya. The guests come there and Ram asks for Priya. They say that they are not aware but Ram thinks that they are pranking him. Vikrant promises that they are not pranking and they really don’t know where Priya is. Everyone gets panicked.

Nandhini comes there at the time  and says that Priya won’t come as she left with Pihu. She gives a letter claiming that it was left by Priya and Ram reads it o find the handwriting matching with Priya. Nandhini recalls keeping Pihu hostage with Priya. Nandhini doesn’t agree using Pihu against Priya so does Shubh but Vedhika claims that they have no option.  Nandhini reminds her that Ram will not keep quite if Priya doesn’t reach on time .

Precap: Priya and pihi will knock at the door as Ram will bring Police with him. Vedhika weill scold him for bringing police and will hit him with flower vase. Everyone will get shocked.

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