Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th December 2022 Written Update: Priya’s pregnancy comes out infront of Nandini!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th December 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram thanking Priya for making him feel more like himself. Ram says maybe your simplicity is the thing that attracted me, and you are never after money. Ram says nowadays everyone is after money and fame but you are focused on relationship and family, so how can anyone not love you. Priya thinks Ram feels all this for Lovely but not Priya. Vedika says you again made blunders by acting like Lovely. Ram says you can’t talk to Lovely like this. Nandini thinks to intervene or else she will reveal everything. Nandini makes Vedika calm and sends her with Shubham. Ram thinks you came in between because Vedika would have spilled the beans. Shubham makes Vedika sit and makes her shut up. Nandini says what is happening, did you cancel your wedding with Vedika because of this? Ram says I don’t plan and plot, you know me, understand me. Nandini is standing shocked. Ram thinks today you stopped Vedika from revealing the truth but seeing your expression I can feel I have targeted right. Ram asks Lovely if she is fine. Priya says what will I say? Priya faints. Ram holds her and takes her to room.

Yash talks to his wife about proposing Avni’s marriage with Sid. They get elated thinking how Sid works with Ram. Swati hears this and feels nervous. Yash says Swati you will also like Ram he is so like family. Swati cuts her finger and worries thinking Ram will come to visit them today. Sara and Meera worry thinking Priya’s pregnancy news might come out so they try to take Priya home. Ram says no let her get consciousness back first. Nandini finds their behaviour strange. Doctor comes and suggests to give some injection but Ram and Meera avoid it thinking Priya can’t take any medication just like that as she is pregnant. Nandini tries to search for medications in Lovely’s bag. Sara says these are mine and I asked her to keep it. Priya suddenly gets into senses and Ram starts asking if she is okay? Priya says yes. Ram says as now Priya is okay so why do we need doctor now. The doctor leaves. Priya says I want to go home. Ram says stay here. Nandini says Lovely should go home and rest.

Vedika comes and says I called Krish so he is here to take Lovely as he is her husband. Krish comes. Ram says Priya should go as then the secret will be a secret. Priya thinks I feel like Ram got his memory back but then why isn’t he saying anything to me? Ram says Vedika is right. Pihu and Priya leave with Krish. Later, Shubham shares with Sid how Ram loves Lovely, all our plans would fail. Sid says use this to your advantage by supporting Ram in persuing Lovely. Shubham says but what if Ram remembers everything. Sid says then we will have a brownie point that we helped him as Yash will do deal with us only if Ram is with us. Shubham agrees.

Priya, Meera, Krish and Sara are talking about how Ram loves Lovely so if he gets to know of Lovely’s pregnancy then it will be an issue. Meera says when Ram was ready to accept Pihu then why not this child? Sara says this time situation is different. Meera says what if we show Krish and Lovely want to divorce. Krish says maybe we all are overthinking and we should let Priya rest. Sara and Meera leave. Here, Ram comes to Sid and Shubham to arrange meeting with Yash. Adi is happy to see Ram not blindly trusting Shubham. Ram decides to go himself with Sid to meet Yash and asks Sid to arrange the meeting. Shubham says to Ram how he is not happy with his feelings for Lovely but he supports him in whatever decision he takes. Ram thanks Shubham. Here, Priya shares with Krish how she has a feeling Ram remembers everything. Krish also agrees and shares how Ram will never confess love to any girl if he has not thought it through. They both get into thinking.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram misses to see Swati’s face as Adi informs him about a help note with a firecracker made in the bottom.

Episode begins with Priya saying you take so much time to decide on what to wear. Ram says you are talking like wife. Priya says you know right I am married. Just then Nandini comes and Ram tells Nandini how Lovely prepared the statement. Nandini is shocked to see Lovely looking like Priya. Nandini asks about Lovely’s look. Ram says I gave this look to her, isn’t she looking nice? Nandini nods. Nandini says you go, I need to talk to Lovely. Priya taunts Nandini how Ram might have forgotten about her but he remembers her looks, he is pampering me a lot and soon you will get your karma and the start is by Ram declining to marry Vedika. Priya goes. Adi and Vikrant ask Ram if Nandini will really say this? Shubham says I will make sure she does. Ram thanks Shubham.

Priya texts Ram that she is leaving as she did the whole arrangement. Vedika taunts Ram on her going to be humiliation. Ram ignores her. Nandini comes and sees the script. Nandini says isn’t it too much? Ram says I understand if you don’t want to listen to me as I am not Shubham. Nandini says you are as dear to me as Shubham. Nandini goes infront of media and says Ram and Vedika’s marriage will not happen as Ram doesn’t love her, suddenly Vedika’s divorce led to a trauma for Vedika due to which Ram said yes to Vedika but this marriage won’t happen and I request you not to ask anything about this to Vedika. Vedika gets sad. Nandini comes and Ram thanks her. Nandini says anytime. Ram thinks I am doing this so that Priya can always smile and enjoy, I will make sure by the end of shraadh today, I will make sure Nandini and Vedika’s true face is revealed. Ram asks Priya about Pihu. Priya says she is coming.

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