Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Priya and Ram get stuck in a lift!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram talking to Adi and asking him to come for a meeting. Adi says let’s go for dinner after that. Ram says it’s not possible. Adi says so you are going to farmhouse with whom? Ram says I don’t remember the name. Ram ends the call. Pawan gives Ram medicines. He tries to sleep but he us unable to stop thinking of Priya. Ram listens to music but everything reminds him about Priya.

 Here, Pihu enjoys Sara’s cupcakes. Pihu says I forgot medicines. Priya gives her medicines. Sara takes Priya inside to show her the bakery. Priya imagines Ram knocking in the bakery door and coming. Priya tries to tie her hair but Ram stops her. Ram smiles so Priya blushes. Ram says you look good like this. Ram eats cupcakes and Priya wipes chocolate from his face. Ram feeds her cake. Priya’s dream gets over. Priya says Mr. Kapoor. Ram gets up and feels like Priya called him.

Later, Priya comes to Ram’s office. Priya hears that Ram has meeting at home so she gets relived. Priya gets lost in thoughts from past. Priya then focuses on her work. At home, Adi asks Pawan to get food. Vikrant and Adi joke on Vedika’s presence in office meetings. Sandy says I am nervous. Shubham asks why?

Sandy says reputation certification is pending so I am trying to think of ideas to get one. Shubham asks have you thought of anything? Sandy shares her ideas of showing Ram balance between work and office so well. Ram comes and starts the meeting. Shubham shares Sandy’s ideas as hers which shocks Sandy. Ram appreciates Shubham and asks to work on this idea.

Here, Priya thinks how it feels like a bad dream. Priya is unable to think of Ram. The assistant comes and says come sir is waiting for you. Here, Ram asks Adi to call the employees in half an hour. Adi says but how is that possible? Ram says they didn’t ask me before going so call them if they fail to reach then they can take their payment.

Adi panics. Ram goes to office. Priya forgets her aadhar card so she goes into the lift again. Ram also comes and they notice each other. Suddenly the lift gets broken and they get stuck inside. They call for help.

Sandy is upset with Shubham. Shubham comes and says sorry for taking her ideas. Sandy says you could have said we planned it together. Shubham says when Ram started to like the ideas, I thought Ram is finally thinking I am of use so I said like that, as he always thought I am in the pain of losing Shivi. Sandy says I am sorry.

Shubham says we both have been through same pain. Sandy says your pain is much more, you lost someone who will never return. Shubham is about to go when Sandy gives him the whole planning of the idea. Shubham says I can’t do it. Sandy says you should do it, I am not upset. Sandy goes. Shubham smirks and thinks these emotional people are always dumb.

In the lift, Ram and Priya fight over lift not getting repaired. Ram says you must be suffocated here with me. Priya says I am trying for us both. Ram says please don’t say you are doing for me. They fight and Ram taunts her to call Krish.

Nandini plans with Vedika how she wants Vedika with Ram in all business decisions so that infront of the minister they can get engaged to improve their reputation. Nandini says you just be a good partner then in business and in real life you will together all the time. Here, Ram calls Adi but due to connection error Adi is unable to hear anything. Adi thinks Ram is in office so he goes by stairs. Priya suggests to talk seeing the network. Ram says good idea.

Still Ram is unable to find network. Ram asks Priya not to take his name as it hurts him. Priya asks Ram to send a voice message to Adi. Here, Vedika comes and starts changing arrangements and says Nandini wants me to be face of this project with Ram so everything will happen according to me.

Adi comes and sees Ram missing. Adi thinks where is Ram. Suddenly, he receives the voice note and says Ram is in lift we need to do something. Vedika hears another voice in the voice note so she plays it again and hears Priya. Vedika gets furious.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pihu asks Priya to take her to some place special to her. Ram and Priya meet in the temple infront of the whole family.

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