Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th August 2022 Written Update: Pihu defends Ram in the interview!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Maitri crying in pain. Priya says this pain will be worth it when the kid will be born, Pihu was born in jail and I had just two women with me who motivated me not to focus on the darkness and pain. Ram looks on emotionally. Maitri calms down hearing Priya. Here, Pihu tells the interviewer how Ram was very mean in the beginning but when I started to know him then I realised he is the best. Nandini, Vedika and Kanika are shocked. Pihu says he loves to help everyone, everyone should have a dad like Ram. The reporter and Minister smile hearing Pihu. Maitri pushes and a baby boy is born. Ram and Priya hold him. They video call to Adi and show it to all.

Meera says to the media see how Ram and Priya were helping Maitri who was in labour, how much more proves you want from them? Priya gives the baby to Maitri who gets emotional. Priya gives Ram a tissue. Maitri introduces the baby boy to Priya Maasi. The video call is telecasted on big screen so Pihu gets excited seeing the baby. Ram and Priya hug each other. Vedika is shocked to see this. Ram thinks please come back to my life Priya, I want you and Pihu. Ishan says RK and Priya are made for each other. Nandini gets irritated and goes. Brinda tells them to come calmly. Nandini says I want to talk to Ram but Brinda ends the call and pretends that she didn’t hear. Nandini gets angry and goes.

Minister tells Meera and family that he trusts Ram and Priya, they are a great couple and we will sign the deal tomorrow. Shubham gets excited and hugs Sandy. Sandy gets surprised. Kanika says how can a daughter call her father by name? Minister says I used to call my dad as hitler too, it’s okay. Meera thinks now everything went well, I hope Ram and Priya also come together.

Shubham comes to Nandini and asks her to calm down as the deal will be signed and Priya will be out of our lives. He goes. Sandy and Sara leave to meet Maitri and kid. Later, ambulance comes and they inform Ram and Priya just then Sandy and Sara also come to the kid and get emotional seeing the baby. Sara says to Priya, we are taking Maitri and Baby, you and Ram come afterwards. They leave.

Vedika comes to Nandini and says I need to tell you something. Vedika shows the ring to Nandini. Nandini says I am afraid that Ram and Priya might come together and you are focusing on this ring. Vedika says this ring is given to me by Krish. Vedika says maybe Krish is going to propose Priya, if this happens it will be perfect. Vedika signs that Ishan is listening to them. Nandini says yes Priya and Pihu will get someone specially Pihu will get a dad, I was really worried about them, now I am relieved for them, like Ram is with you similarly Priya will have krish. Ishan thinks but Priya loves Ram. Ishan gets emotional and confused.

Vedika says I thought Ram and Priya will get together. Nandini says no, Ram let go of his feelings when Shivi died. Ishan thinks I need to talk to Krish, I can’t let this happen. Nandini and Vedika smirk. Here, Priya is about to remove the boxing glove when she hits Ram by mistake. Ram says you hit me. They both taunt and fight cutely about who will win if they box. They both wear boxing globes and Ram jumps and pretend to hit her when Priya hits him lightly and they both fall.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vedika tells Nandini that we should reveal this proof after the deal is signed then Priya will lose and Pihu will also know. Here, Ram gets emotional and asks Priya to let Pihu stay with him as he really loves Pihu.

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