Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th May 2022 Written Update: Mami successfully steals the will from Ram!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meera thinking the way Mahender is reacting, I feel Priya is right, what will I do? Here, Ram and Krish hide and seeing Shashi’s driver come and threaten Varun. Ram comes to threaten Varun to make him arrested. Ram says now it’s proved you are involved so you won’t get spared. Varun says I will put the blame on you. Krish asks Ram to calm down as they don’t have any prove. Ram says inspector will decide that. Ishan comes and says why cops? What’s wrong. Ram stops his agression seeing Ishan. Varun is relieved. Ram lets things go.

Here, Shubham and Nandini talk about papers that Shashi took and how. Mami and Mama are sitting there. Shivi comes and says why is everyone talking about papers related to dad’s death, what is it? Nandini asks who is talking. Shivi says there even Priya was saying something about it that Varun stole it from Alibagh. Nandini says you go and rest you must be tired. Shivi goes. Nandini makes plan with Shubham, Mama and Mami. Nandini asks Mami to steal the will from his room when Shubham creates a scene with Priya. Mama says what if Ram already knows? Nandini says it can’t happen, I have a feeling, let’s see.

Later, Ram is making arrangements and Priya comes down. Nandini messages Shubham and Mami. Mami goes to take the will. Ram asks Priya to come to room as he wants to talk to her. Nandini worries as Mami is in their room so she stops Ram. Just then Shubham comes and says I want to talk to Priya, it’s important. Shubham says I want to know who is family to you? Priya says what? Shubham says you got to know about Varun stealing the papers in Alibagh, and being with Shashi? Nandini says she must have told Ram, and they didn’t tell us as they thought we will feel bad, but why Priya. Ram is about to answer when Priya says let me answer. Priya says I couldn’t tell Ram. Shivi says you didn’t tell Ram but today you went to Meera to tell her? Nandini smirks.

Priya says how she tried calling Ram yesterday when she was about to bust out Varun but Ram didn’t pick up and then his phone was switched off so she called Krish. Mama ji says what about today? You have any reason for that? Priya says I am saying the truth. Ram says due to one delay of yours I lost to catch Varun who is involved in my dad’s case, today I collided with Krish and got to know of your plans, sadly your plan failed and Shashi never showed up. Priya says you think I will protect Varun? Ram says yes as he is Sara’s husband and Ishan’s dad. Priya says Varun and Sara’s didn’t happen normally so I went to talk to Meera to know about Varun’s past. Nandini says why it was not normal? Priya says its not related to the case. Shubham says you let go of a big evidence. Nandini says I also want to know now Priya why you did this? You should have told us it was about our family. Shubham says aren’t we family?

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram comes to meet Priya at Soods and says are you ready to do anything I ask for?

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