Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th November 2022 Written Update: Priya gets threatened by Nandini!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pihu asking Priya not to call Nandini as she will take Ram away from us and will not go away to Shimla. Priya says whatever is written to happen will happen. Pihu starts crying. Priya calls Nandini and then Nandini picks up. Priya doesn’t speak at all thinking how she ruined Ram’s health. Nandini thinks who is it. Priya thinks Nandini doesn’t have my number. Priya says hello but just then Nandini’s phone falls. Nandini thinks who is this woman. Pihu’s tears fall on Ram and he wakes up. Priya sees this and cuts the call. Nandini gets worried. Vedika is worried thinking of Ram so Nandini calms her down and assures her that she will make sure she lands up with Ram. Nandini says I always knew Virender can give me the life I wanted so I made sure he chose me and then after him I made Ram on my side. Vedika asks Nandini about Ram’s real mother. Nandini ignores the topic and shares the number with Shubham to find out whose number it is. Vedika thinks Nandini is hiding something from everyone about Ram’s real mother I will find about it.

Here, Pihu and Priya take care of Ram and help him recall how he came for the meeting. Ram says okay, I remember signing on Pihu’s drawing. Priya says I have cancelled all the 2am meetings as you fell ill. Ram asks Pihu if Priya is always this bossy. Pihu says she is like this for people she cares about. Priya asks Ram to stay. Pihu says I would suggest not to go against Priya. Ram agrees to stay. Ram sleeps. Priya remembers their old days and wishes for them to get back together. Pihu sleeps beside Ram.

Priya gets a call from Nandini who taunts her. Priya says I called by mistake. Nandini says you did many things by mistake from challenging me and going against me, now you will never come near Ram, ever. Nandini cuts the call and Vedika and Nandini enjoy the moment. Here, Priya hopes that Ram remembers everything before Nandini returns.

Next day, Ram wakes up and thinks to leave. Ram sees Pihu clutched on him so he caresses her. Pihu feels safe and sleeps soundly. Ram goes out and finds Priya. Priya is talking on calk with Sara but seeing Ram she cuts the call and pretends to talk to someone. Priya says from PA I have become a house keeper, I did so many work today from cooking to everything. Ram thinks I never asked her to do anything then why she is blaming, I think I should say sorry. Ram thinks no she is in bad mood so i should leave as in office I will be her boss. He is about to leave when Krish meets Ram on the door. Ram asks him who is he? Krish thinks what is Ram doing here. Krish and Ram are about to say something to each other when Priya comes and tries to divert the conversation. Ram thinks Lovely is trying to avoid mentioning who is he so I should leave. Ram says I am leaving, see you in office. Ram thinks he must be very close to her. Here, Adi wakes up and sees Priya’s missed calls and messages , he worries. Priya and Krish sit when Krish calms her down as Priya panicks thinking about if Ram will remember everything or not. Priya says this wig is so irritating. Just then Ram comes from behind and sees Priya and Krish hold hands.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sid finds something fishy when Adi and Vikrant help Priya in office. Pihu thinks to unit Priya and Ram by doing ramleela play.

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