Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th May 2022 Written Update: Nandhini confronts Priya.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nandhini saying Priya that she was happy that they both were coming close and were starting a family. Pritam says that she didn’t cheat them but just took time to say the truth. Nandhini asks her to leave as its Virendra’s birthday and it’s getting late. Ram expresses his disappointment towards Priya. Priya tries justifying herself that she just wanted to confirm it herself.

Ram says he can understand. Nandhini signals Shubham to remove the veil from the portrait. Priya gets shocked seeing the number plate and asks Ram about it. Ram says its his Dad’s car where he breathed his lost. Priya remembers seeing the number plate with her things and is about to go and get it. Mama comes to her and asks Priya whether she’s going to hide it. Nandhini identifies it as the number plate which got lost during her husband’s accident. They recall Mami finding the number plate in Priya’s stuff and texting about it to Nandhini. It was all Nandhini’s plan to trap Priya.

Ram also comes there and asks Priya about it. Priya says that her mother sent it along with her stuff and suspects for it to belong to Mr. Sood. Nandhini says that it means her father is the killer and accuses Priya for hiding it to save her father. Ram supports Priya saying that she could never do something like that but his mother blames him for supporting Priya even after knowing that get father is responsible for his father’s death. She accuses him for overlooking her mistake out of his love. Ram says Priya that he always supported her and asks her to choose the right side.

Priya says that she never intended to hide it as from the time she learnt about the number plate she went to her mother and asked her about it. She questioned her about Varun as Mr. Sood brought his alliance for Sara but she told that they were not involved. Shubham asks whether she believed what her mother told just like that. Priya says it’s her mother and Ram says that it’s his mother who brought him up after his father passed away. Shubham accuses Priya and her mother for hiding Mr. Sood and Varun’d crime to save them from their sin.

Priya’s mother comes there and accuses Ram for not trusting Priya. She says that she won’t let her daughter be there anymore where people don’t trust her. Priya tries explaining but her mother doesn’t listen. Shubham shows evidence of the number plate which was found in Priya’s stuff which was lost during the accident. Meera asks whether he started doubting Priya just because of it. Ram tries reasoning with her but Meera says she wouldn’t understand all that as all she knows his he didn’t trust her daughter and she’ll not let her stay there to justify herself. Priya agrees to go with her respecting her. Ram wishes Priya to not regret her decision and Priya too wishes for him to find his father’s killer and get justice for him.

Precap : Priya leaves with Meera. Ram wants to arrest Meera. Ram and Priya against each other.

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