Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th November 2022 Written Update: Ram chooses Pihu over Shubham!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram coming back and seeing Krish with Priya holding her hand. Ram says I am hungry so I am eating something. Priya says yes sure. Ram keeps looking at Krish. Ram says I am taking the plate and will return this back soon. Ram goes. Krish says he came to see who I am. Here, Adi, Vikrant and Sara come. Sara pretends to be jealous saying Vikrant you got so many calls from Lovely last night, I don’t like all this. Vikrant says you look so cute when you get jealous. Adi says is your romance done? Vikrant says shut up yaar. Ram says Lovely called you guys? Who is she, you were in the bakery right? Sara says yes, I am Vikrant’s wife. Ram thinks Vikrant has married. Adi says Lovely called us both so many times as she was very concerned of you. Ram gets happy. Adi says lets go up and eat. Ram says no there is some guest so Lovely is busy. Adi and Vikrant tease Ram about Lovely when Sara signal them to stop. They leave for office. Later, on their way to office, Ram calls Lovely to tell her about meetings. Lovely says one of the meetings is for Shubham. Ram says he did party so he is busy, I will take the meeting. Priya says okay and cuts the call. Priya tells Krish in this plan I need the enemies to realise the worth of Ram too.

Ram thinks to find out somehow about Lovely and her family. Vikrant comes there talking on call with Sara saying I will eat, don’t worry. Ram asks Vikrant to join to eat. Ram asks Vikrant if his wife Sara knows about Lovely’s family. Vikrant says don’t know why? Ram says ask Sara to know more about Lovely, I should know about her as she is my PA. Vikrant says did you know all this about your other PA? Ram says yes she had a husband in Navi Mumbai and was pregnant, plus you know Lovely is the same girl who was in hospital and had this cute daughter who has same eyes as me. Vikrant says what do you want to know about her? Ram says about her family and Pihu’s father, I mean Pihu said he is very loving so I want to know if he is alive or what is the scene. Vikrant says okay, I will find these. Just then Vedika calls so Vikrant excuses himself.

Ram and Vedika talk on video call just then Priya comes to give some files to him so Ram says Sweeti is a new assistant. Vedika thinks again a new assistant, no issues I will get rid off her too. Vedika cuts the call. Priya says not sweeti, I am Lovely. Ram says yes, how is everything going? Lovely says it’s going good. Priya thinks is he trying to ask about Krish? Priya asks why? Ram says Pihu had the competition right? So wanted to ask if she is prepared. Priya says yes, she must be. Ram says all by herself? Priya says yes who else would have helped. Priya goes. Vikrant and Priya meet in the hallway. Vikrant says your plan is working, Priya. Priya says not Priya, Lovely. Vikrant says yes, finally he is thinking about you. Priya says today Ram will cancel a meeting which he is taking for Shubham. Vikrant says it’s impossible. Priya says from now on everything will be different. They watch Ram going in Lovely’s cabin.

Ram sees Pihu’s call so he picks up. Pihu says I prepared my lines for my competition but now another contestant is also becoming Mother Teresa so what should I do now? Ram says I am not your mom, I picked up seeing you call. Pihu says do inform mom about this, will you help me? Ram says sure. Ram cuts the call. Priya comes there. Ram says Pihu called so I picked up your phone. Priya says okay. Ram says can we cancel some meetings. Priya says sure but why? Ram thinks if I tell her about Pihu then she will get upset. Ram says I have some work. Priya says okay I will do it. Ram calls Pihu and says I will come at 3pm, it’s our day out. Pihu says yay, thank you. Ram goes. Vikrant comes to Priya and they enjoy their success. Later, Shubham gets a call from Vikrant. Shubham picks it up and hears Adi, Vikrant and Priya talk. Vikrant says what? Ram is not coming for Shubham’s meeting? Priya says yes sir, should I cancel it? Adi says yes yes, as Shubham always cribs and has no business idea so it’s better to cancel it as he won’t be able to take the meeting alone. Shubham gets angry and makes Sid listen to their talks.

Vikrant says if something goes wrong in business Shubham cribs about it to Ram and if he has issues with Ram then he cribs about it to Nandini. They laugh. Vikrant cuts the call. Shubham says how dare they? I will show them I am capable. Sid says calm down, let them think whatever they want to. Shubham says no, let’s go to office. Here, Pihu asks Meera to help her decide what to wear. Pihu says I want to look perfect as I am meeting my friend Mr. Ram. Ram sees her and thinks I don’t know what connection I have with her that I feel good spending time with her. He comes and suggests Pihu the dress. Pihu goes to change. Ram addresses Meera as Meera Ma and gets surprised thinking why he called her that?

Episode ends.

Precap – Sid sees something fishy between Adi, Vikrant and Priya. Here, Pihu gets up like Hanuman ji and prepares her lines with Priya and Ram.

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