Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th May 2022 Written Update: Nandini asks Shivi to chose sides!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya saying I want your dad to get justice and the murderer should be punished. Nandini and her team smirk while Meera takes Priya. Ram breaks and remembers all their moments. Nandini pretends to support Ram, and says I didn’t think you will get married to your dad’s murderer. Nandini cries while Ram hugs her. Nandini smirks. Later, Nandini and her team celebrate. Nandini says today god blessed us. Mami says today, Ram proved he loved his dad. Mama says but Priya didn’t kill Virender so Ram will forgive her. Shivi comes and says what are you guys talking about? Nandini says you just stay away from Soods. Shivi says but I am married. Nandini says I don’t need any Soods here in my house so you chose the sides. Shubham says Shivi you go there and wait for my instructions. Shivi goes.

Shubham asks Nandini to draft a new will with naming everything on Nandini’s name, as Ram is in a state where he will do as we say. Mam goes to talk to lawyer. Nandini feels powerful.

Here, Ram meets Krish and shows the number plate. Ram says I got this from Priya. Krish says I don’t believe this, where is she? Ram says I know you care a lot about Priya, so can I trust you to not to be biased. Krish thinks I was afraid of this only, what if their love for family will make them apart. Krish says I am with you but with the investigation being at this stage, also Priya is very known for her ethics. Ram says as you know about your clients so well so till the time the murderers are not caught, don’t talk about Priya to me and catch Mahender.

Here, Priya comes home when Sara tries to justify Varun’s actions. Priya is not convinced but Sara says Varun tried helping them as he was guilty. Priya says that means Mahender was behind this. Priya panics and cries to get apart from Ram. Meera tries to console her. Priya says Ram feels I decieved him for Mahender but I didn’t do this, I am not the old Priya, I can’t leave alone with Ram. Meera hugs her. Meera says I won’t let you both have any affect due to Mahender. Sara says what if Ram proves Varun wrong. Meera consoles both of them. Priya says I am going out for sometime, I am feeling restless. Priya thinks I need to meet Mahender, he can’t destroy our lives.

In the car, Ram and Krish are together. Ishan calls and says I got a physics theory you want to hear? Ram apologies to Ishan in mind to use him. Ram says sure, you got the admission in the foreign University. Isham gets and happy and asks if he is sure? Ram thinks not to fall weak as he needs to do justice for his family. Ram says yes sure, I need the documents for process, but don’t tell anyone yet. Ishan says okay I will call dad and ask him to hurry.

Priya comes to Mahender’s house but sees it locked. She sees a window open so she goes inside and tries searching in the cupboard. Here, Ishan calls Ram and says Varun is coming soon and he will give the documents, I have not yet told him as it’s a surprise. Ram says good. Ishan then again calls Varun and asks him to come fast as it’s important. Varun says I will be there in no time. Ishan says you are the best dad. Shivi comes and says he is the worst, he is a criminal. Ishan says what? Shivi says your dad killed my dad. Varun worries hearing this. Ishan says you are lying. Shivi says even Ram knows. Shivi goes. Varun worries and cuts the call.

Here, Priya finds her bag in Mahender’s place and thinks he only did my kidnapping, I will confront him. Priya then thinks to inform someone, she is about to call Ram but thinks he might think otherwise of her so she calls Krish. Krish learns from Priya about the situation and asks her to leave as it is dangerous. Ram thinks where is Priya? What is the danger? Priya asks Krish to talk to Varun as he is ready to disclose more. Priya cuts the call and she hears Varun and Mahender so she hides and records thier conversation in which Mahender reveals that Varun did the accident.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram learns that Meera selected Varun over him so he says even I want justice for Nandini.

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