Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th October 2022 Written Update: Nandini and Shubham make a shocking demand from Ram!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nandini hides the paper under the sofa. After the dance and celebration is over, Nandini drops her phone and tries to get the paper but sees it missing. Nandini worries. Ram also tries to find the paper while Priya wonders where did the papers go? Shubham has the fake papers he is about to show it to Ram when Priya finds the original papers. Ram sees it and signs it. The papers are then kept in puja. Nandini and Shubham get upset. Pihu asks Priya about the papers so Priya says how Ram opened a trust fund for Pihu. Pihu gets happy. Before the puja, Ishan brings the doll house and shows it to everyone. Ram appreciates Ishan’s efforts. Shubham says to Nandini how soon the lights will spark and a blast will happen. Nandini says I don’t feel it’s right. Ishan sets the doll house and Pihu asks him to show her. Meera comes to Priya and says I am happy to see your family come together again. Nandini says to Shubham if something happens to Pihu then Ram won’t leave us.

Nandini goes to the doll house and breaks it. Fire bursts in the doll house. Everyone gets shocked. Nandini says no one saw that the light wear was broken. Shubham comes to Nandini and says why did you risk your lives for them who call everything an accident and forget it. Shubham says Ishan first you pushed Shivi now this. Ram says please stay in limit, why are you bringing the same topic? Brinda takes Pihu out. Brinda diverts Pihu in making a sketch of her and Adi. Here, Shubham blames Ishan and says it’s all because of Priya. Sara comes and says I take the blame and I will pay for the mistake of Ishan don’t let Priya and Ram suffer. Vikrant and Adi tell Shubham to not make Pihu suffer as she is innocent. Priya says if this is about the trust fund we don’t need it. Shubham says you and your drama. Priya says I am not talking to you. Ram says what are you saying? Priya is my love, and Pihu is my daughter, I want to stay with them. Nandini is shocked. Shubham says I don’t care what Pihu wants but I care about what I want and that is my half of the property. Ram is shocked.

Ram says it’s dad’s dream this company and it’s future how can we split it? Mom please explain him. Nandini says Shubham is right. Shubham and Nandini leave. Pihu comes and hugs Ram. Sandy remembers how when she went to see the doll house someone was behind the curtains. Sandy thinks to tell about this to Priya but later. Sara worries thinking everything was going good but all this is scary. Vikrant calms her. Meera takes Pihu and everyone leave.

Priya comes to Ram and says you don’t have to hide your feelings from me, I am here for you. Ram says I know, you have already given me strength by giving my love back and my family back, I can’t wait to get back together. Ram assures Priya that he will handle Nandini and call her soon. Priya leaves. Ram comes to a sad Nandini. Nandini says dad will be so upset seeing the division of company and how he will feel I didn’t make you feel my own that is why you didn’t consider Shubham your own. Ram says it’s not true. Nandini says you raised your hand on Shubham. Ram says he was talking ill about Pihu. Nandini says Shubham has a child inside of him. Ram says till when mom? Ram says why are you upset? Because of Priya Nandini says yes. Ram says but you already forgiven her? Nandini says I don’t know as I always think of Shivi. Ram says but Priya didn’t do it and this is the same Priya whose rishta you got for me. Nandini says I did it for Shivi, I wish I shouldn’t have made Shivi get married there, she would have been alive and I would have you. Ram says I am here. Nandini says no, you already chose Priya and you are her husband and not my son. Ram cries and says I am both.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram blames Meera for ruining his and Priya’s relationship for a person who didn’t care for her. Nandini and Vedika decide to burn down Ram’s family and happiness.

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