Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th May 2022 Written Update: Priya has to make a tough decision!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram and Krish coming to sood house. Meera says now again you are here to make someone else feel low? Ram says I am here to meet Varun. Meera says he is not here. Ram says the tracker shows Varun was here, where is he now? Sara says please Ram there is a confusion, if anything happens to Varun then Ishan will break. Ram says you feel, I will do this? I want the best for Ishan. Ram says and I considered you as my mother but you backstabbed me and chose Varun over me? People said right and you proved it that I was blindfolded by you, will you guys help me or not. Sara and Meera are silent. Ram says okay, now I will do what I want to do for my mom and dad. Krish gets a message and asks Ram to leave. They leave. Sara worries for Priya and Ram. Flashback is shown how Ishan worried and tells Sara about what Shivi said. Meera worries seeing Ishan anxious and talking about suicide so she sides with Varun. Flashback ends.

Sara says what if due to this, their relation breaks. Meera says I know Ram, he will not let Priya go as he loves her. Here, Varun also confesses about making good impression on Ishan while making him against Sara. Priya is shocked. Priya comes infront of them and confronts them. Priya says all your confession is recorded iny phone. Mahender says last time you tried to record, you remember what happened, so this time give it to me nicely. Priya says I won’t. Mahender says I will kill you and no one will be able to find the body too. Priya says I am not scared of you. Mahender tries to hold Priya’s neck while Varun tries to snatch the phone. Just then Ram comes and stops Mahender. Ram gives Mahender to police and asks them to arrest these two. Police takes them. Priya gives Krish the video confession of Varun and Mahender. Ram thanks Priya while Priya thanks Ram for saving her life. Krish thinks thank god their confusion got away. Krish goes.

Priya comes near Ram and says, I hope now you know I never side the wrong side, also for you I can do anything as I really love you, you trust me right? Ram says more than myself and my family, I love you so much. Priya says then why doesn’t it seems so? Ram says because I have something in my mind, can you do one thing for me? Priya says yes. Ram says help me arrest Meera. Priya says what? I know you are angry but what are you saying? Ram says your mother sided with Varun and Mahender. Priya says what? She considers you her son, then why? Ram says I have prove, I was also having difficulty but see for yourself.

Ram gives the witness statement of Meera of 6th June when Meera gave statement that Mahender was with her the whole time but the murder happened in highway that day only. Priya says this can’t happen. Ram says because of Meera’s statement only, my dad’s case was considered an accident, Meera supported Mahender knowing he is wrong. Ram says today I promised Nandini that I will punish all the culprits of my dad’s killer, so it’s on you Priya, do you love me so much that you will give me justice? Priya says but she is my mom, who gave me birth. Ram says you have to chose between me and Meera, make your decision. Ram is about to go when Priya holds his hand. Priya says Meera did one thing wrong in life that is Mahender Sood, but she never gave us wrong parenting and never let us lie too. Ram says I know you think highly of Meera, in love sometimes we become blind. Priya says this is wrong, my love for my mom is not right. Ram says I love my mother too, but I won’t support something wrong.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shivi thinks to leave Sood house when Priya tries to stop her. Shivi pushes Priya. Ishan says you pushed Priya. Ishan also pushes Shivi. Shivi falls from stairs and dies. Ram gets Priya arrested for killing Shivi.

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