Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th June 2022 Written Update: Pihu and Ram have a fight!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vikrant requesting the minister to cool off the matter. Minister says I won’t approve this project at any cost. Ram gets angry and says how dare he talk about my wife? He knows his wife is characterless and he is just jealous. Ram says don’t ask me to calm down and you all are believing that guy? Adi asks Nandini to go home. Ram leaves from there. Nandini and Vedika leave. In the car, Vedika smiles but Nandini says we need to do something soon.

Shubham says I will handle it, I have called Sandy to talk to him. Nandini asks Shubham to ask suggestions from Sandy so that she only suggests to Ram. Nandini says we also know how is Kanika but I don’t want to create a scene. Adi comes to Priya and says did you see all this? Priya says I saw it and I can prove it too if needed. Adi says really? Priya says yes, I trust Ram and he can never do this, he respects women a lot. Priya asks Adi to trust and support Ram.

Ram is shown angry and thinking how can he talk about my wife, it was good she went from my life but now she is back why? Suddenly he hears Pihu enjoying the ride and remembers how she hit Kanika. Ram says it’s all because of her. Ram gets angry and goes to her.  Ram says do you know what you did? Pihu says I am not talking to you. Priya tells Sara how no one defended him. Sara says because Ram has changed. Priya says even if Kanika was the last woman then too he wouldn’t have done this. Meera says rightly said. Priya goes away.

 Meera says I know you are not talking to me but it’s about Ram. Priya says I can’t believe Sara di you didn’t support Ram, Pihu is right, how you can’t believe on characters putting too much make up. Priya asks where is Pihu? Meera says she has gone with Krish. Priya worries for Ram and how he has a deal of 8 crore and it’s so important. Sara says how come you know? Meera says unlike you, she reads newspaper and it’s filled with news on Ram.

Ram stops the man and gives the money. He says I have bought this ride now. She says you are sad so you are fighting with me. They argue. She says you are my dad, you forgot, you became my dad that day. He says I would have gone mad if I had a daughter like you, you should say sorry. She says you won’t get any sorry now. He asks her to say sorry if she wants a round. She thinks what to do.

Priya says we have to show the media that Ram loves his family, like Ram and I gave the interview when the annulment news came out. Meera says yes, I will leave now. She goes. Sara says mum feels much guilty, she misses you a lot. Priya says I have to think, how will it get fine, I went away from Ram Ishaan looks on and thinks you did a lot to protect me, I will help you both.

Pihu asks the man to make her get down. He helps her. She tells Priya’s lines. Ram recalls Priya and turns to Pihu. She says I knew you will wait for me. She runs to Krish. Ram gets shocked. Krish sees him.

 Pihu says Ram is arrogant and mean, I don’t like him. Krish says don’t say this. He says sorry if you felt bad of Pihu’s words. Adi says Priya was concerned for Ram, she said Ram is right. Brinda asks does she have any solution. Adi says Priya can explain the matter to the minister. Brinda says Ram hates her, she cheated him, why would she help him. Adi says we should talk to Priya, we have no better option. Nandini and Vedika come. Nandini says we have an option, you all resign. Adi says I didn’t talk of getting Priya back in Ram’s life. Nandini scolds Vikrant.

Vedika says Priya ruined Ram, because of you all. Nandini says please Vedika, I don’t want to hear Priya’s name. Ram comes there. She asks where did you go, I called you many times. Ram says I will fix this. She says you always do this, give me a chance to do my duty, Kanika knows Vedika well, she will convince the minister, you have to listen to me. Vedika says I said yes for our marriage. Ram recalls Priya with Krish. He says I am ready for this.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pihu talks about Mr. Arrogant and Priya asks her who is he? Pihu shows Ram who is sitting in a cafe.

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