Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th August 2022 Written Update: Krish makes a shocking promise to Ram!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pihu explaining the rules and she wishes luck to Ram. Ram hugs her and thanks her. Krish also lifts Pihu and says I will miss you and you know how much I love you. Krish asks for the prize? Pihu says whoever wins weill get a chance to go on an adventure with me. Ram and Krish both start playing and Ram holds Priya’s hand. Krish thinks Ram had to win they have a bond. Ram tells Priya how he felt her presence. Priya says Pihu loves Krish due to their bond. Priya says sorry to Krish. Krish says Ram had to get you but I will get the adventure with Pihu. Pihu says yes. Priya says this is the second clue.

Krish reads it and goes to Meera. Meera says the next clue is in makhan pots, you need to eat it and find. Priya says Pihu you know na Krish can’t eat makhan. Priya asks Sara and Sandy to cheer for Krish. So they do. Priya asks Pihu with whom do you want to go on the trip? Pihu says I want to go with Ram as he is fun but now I am with Ram so I want to spend time with Krish as he has always done so much. Ram thinks Pihu is so little but thinks so much about everyone. Krish finds the clue and he wins. Pihu says yay. Pihu says Ram you should have hurry up. Ram says yes. Pihu says so now I will go on the trip with Krish.

Later, Priya is stopped by Vedika who asks her why is she still here? She should leave as she told them that after the deal she will leave. Priya says but now my way of dealing with you people has changed so I will first protect Ram from you guys and then decide if I want to leave. Vedika tries to threaten her but Priya says your plan has already failed so don’t even try.

In the room, Ram thinks I was acting so immature, Krish is letting go off his own blood Pihu and I couldn’t understand the sacrifice he is giving. Krish comes and asks Ram why did you lose on purpose as I know Ram never loses especially from me. Ram says I understand the sacrifice you are doing. Krish aska why you want Pihu and Priya to come to your life? Ram says I know Pihu is your blood. Krish thinks I have no right to tell you the truth about Pihu, I hope Priya will tell him. Ram says I hated you both when the jail thing happened but now I feel I sense the bond between me and Priya and also the way Pihu brought the old Ram back. Krish thinks I can see the old Ram back. Ram says I don’t want to take your right away from Pihu, I just saw how in all these yeats when you had a chance you three didn’t become a family so now I want to take the chance. Krish asks what about the hate Priya and Pihu will receive here in this house? Ram says I promise you that won’t happen, you know me. Krish says then I also make a promise to not come in between you three as I want happiness for you three. They hug. Krish hopes that Priya tells him the truth.

Here, Priya asks Vedika to go and tell Ram how you tortured a kid and got his confession. Vedika says my target was never Ishan, it was you always and I will make sure Ram takes you out of his life. Vedika says we knew Ishan is your weak point so we used him. Priya says Ram wants me here forever in his life with Pihu, this will hurt you but this is the truth. Vedika says I can now see the strength in the voice and if that is true then Nandini will make it difficult for you and now for Ishan. Vedika deletes the video. Vedika says I have deleted the video and we will tell Pihu about your deeds and you killed Shivi, it will be fun to watch when we will use Pihu and hurt you.

Vedika says the way she will hate you will be more enjoyable then Ishan going to jail. Vedika goes. Ishan hears all this. Priya thinks till the time Ram is with me I have nothing to fear. Ishan thinks I won’t let Priya go through more trouble because of me, I will become a good brother to Pihu. Sara tries to find Ishan when she finds the note. She finds the letter where Ishan says I am going away so that everything stays intact with everyone. Sara panicks and cries. Everyone tries to calm them and they wonder what happened to Ishan all of sudden. Priya thinks did Ishan hear my and Vedika’s conversation? She worries.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ishan and Priya are outside the police station when Ishan says how Pihu is actually Ram’s daughter. Ram hers this and gets emotional. He goes back and hugs Pihu.

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