Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th June 2022 Written Update: Pihu runs away from Priya!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram saying to Pihu how Priya has broken so many promises. Pihu says no you are a liar. Priya asks Pihu to behave. Vedika thinks my plan will fail as Pihu is Ram and Priya’s daughter, this shouldn’t get out. Vedika says Ram let’s go. Krish asks Priya to go. Pihu says this aunty is very rude, she called me thieve’s daughter, and she said sorry but today again she is rude. Priya gets angry on Vedika and says you have no right to say these things.

 Vedika says I didn’t know. Priya says atleast I didn’t manipulate a 18 year old to get seperated from his mom and gave him contract papers. Ram is shocked. Vedika says you are a criminal. Pihu is missing so Priya worries and warns Vedika. Minister and Kanika see them. Priya and Krish leave. Vedika says let’s focus on our plan Ram, I am helping you. Ram says why did you give Ishan that paper when I said no, how dare you go so low, I don’t need your help. Ram leaves. Vedika is shocked.

Ishaan and Sandy upload the old video online. Ishaan says its gone viral. Sandy says people love Raya. Vikrant says kudos Ishaan. Sara says fine, Krish, I will inform everyone and come. He says Pihu is missing. Vikrant asks what. Sara says Vedika called Pihu as criminal’s daughter and Pihu left.

Vikrant says she misbehaved in the party also. Adi says we should go. Vikrant asks what’s your plan. Adi says we will go and find Pihu. Sandy says I will just come. She also goes. Priya and Krish look for Pihu. She blames herself and says I can’t stay here, I have to think from her side, maybe she has gone to sit in some corner, she is like her dad. Pihu says mum got insulted today because of me. Priya and Ram see Pihu, and run to her.

Pihu is about to fall into the manhole. Ram takes her aside. Priya asks what happened, are you fine, where did you go leaving me. Pihu says sorry to trouble. The man sees them and says they are Raya 2.0. Vedika comes there.

Minister and Kanika follow. Ram gives a kerchief to Priya. tanha ghata sa…plays… Krish comes and asks are you fine. Ram says she could have fallen in the manhole. The people praise Ram for saving Pihu. Krish asks them what are they seeing in the mobile. The man shows Ram and Priya’s interview.

Krish shows Priya her and Ram’s interview going viral. Priya asks Krish to do something and delete that video as I have only Pihu with me, I can’t lose her, this video will reveal how Ram is my husband and my all years long will get ruined. Here, Vikrant says we are trying to find who put this video to get viral. Ram says but who can do it. Adi says even we don’t know but I have heard the minister is rethinking his decision. Nandini comes and says how can you let this video get viral, specially with a woman whom you are unable to see eye to eye. Adi says he invested 800 crore so we need to save that as well. Nandini feels angry.

Here, Pihu says see this video which got viral and it has Mr. Arrogant, who is Raya? Priya worries thinking if she sees me as Ram’s wife then it will be a big issue. Meera guesses it, and says Pihu let’s go and have ice cream. Pihu says yes. She leaves the tab and Priya closes it. Priya says you got hurt today so we will go to sleep early, ice cream we will eat tomorrow. Priya makes Pihu sleep. Priya thinks we have to leave this city, sorry. Krish comes to Ram and asks who did this disgusting thing.

Nandini thinks it’s a good chance to use Ram’s hatred for Krish. Ram says you think you will ask me and you will get an answer here. Krish says you will answer, else I won’t go from here. Ram says so you are angry to see her with me. Krish says its not about me, but about Pihu. Ram says its your problem if she doesn’t know Priya’s truth.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram gets to know about Adi and his friend involved. Nandini asks them all to leave their lives and company.

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