Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th May 2022 Written Update: Shivi follows Shubham and Nandini’s plan!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya justifying Meera and asking if he feels her love for Meera is deeper than theirs. Ram says don’t question my love. Priya asks what if you were there at my place? I am telling you my mom is innocent. Ram says but I also have your mother’s statement. Priya says I don’t consider all these, I love you but I am not blind to arrest my mom, I know my mom, she will never support Mahender. Priya says give me sometime to prove the innocence, trust me this much. Priya is about to go when Ram stops her. Ram says if you find out I am right and you are wrong then? Priya says then I will give up and celebrate your victory. Here, Ishan panics and says please bring out Varun. Shivi comes and starts scolding and calls Varun criminal.

Ishan says I will not leave you. Shivi says what will you do? Ishan says don’t talk against my dad. Priya comes and stop them. Priya says Shivi, Ishan is not responsible. Ishan starts blaming Sara for bringing them here. Sara gets upset and slaps him. Sara says thank god, Varun is not your dad, you are just my blood, I married Varun because i had you. Ishan says you are a liar, tell me everyone. Ishan breaks everything and Shivi also gets angry. Priya stops them but they both go. Here, Shubham gets text from Shivi that she followed the plan. Shubham goes to Ram and tries to give sympathy. Adi asks Ram if he thinks Meera is wrong? Krish comes in.

Krish says I didn’t think you will go after Meera, but that’s easy, I helped you find the killers so my work is done, you can hire any lawyer they can prove Meera’s involvement. Ram says that means she also helped. Krish says it’s not like that. Shubham says stop taking their side, even Priya is like them. Krish says I don’t think so. Ram says from starting only you just supported Priya. Krish says okay now I admit, I like Priya, now happy? Not just from now but from start. Shubham smirks. Ram says I knew it, I don’t care, I care what Priya feels about whom and I know she loves me. Krish thinks I wanted to hear this only. Krish goes. Shubham asks Ram to do something soon. Ram says give me sometime. Ram goes.

Here, Priya confronts Meera about her being witness for Mahender. Meera says it’s not important. Priya says it is for me and Ram. Meera says right now my family is important. Priya says did you give this witness? Meera says yes to protect my family, I did. Priya says how can you support Mahender over your son Ram. Meera says the same way Ram didn’t support me when I needed him, he selected his family over you and I selected Ishan over Ram, look at Ishan hoe disturbed he is. Priya says I never thought you could do this, my marriage is affected by this. Meera says I am just doing things for my family. Priya looks on.

Here, Shivi calls Ram and says here everyone is torturing me, everytime something bad happens there, I suffer here, I know you won’t believe me as they all pretend so good infront of you but they have made my life hell, please come and take me, I don’t want to stay here. Ram says okay, I am coming don’t worry. Just then Meera comes and says Shivi you don’t know how to talk with whom? Shivi pretends like Meera is trying to hurt her. Shivi thinks I will do as Shubham said then me and Akki will go to Kapoor mansion forever. Ram is on call and worries for Shivi. Just then Priya comes and tries to sort it out but Shivi starts accusing Priya and how she listened to her and Meera saying how Meera really gave the witness.

Ram thinks Priya will save Shivi, just then Priya says don’t talk anything more against my family. Shivi says you can’t stop me, Ram will punish you all. Ram’s phone gets cut and he worries. Priya assures Shivi how she will ensure Meera getting punished if she is really involved. Priya goes followed by Meera. Shivi thinks in her mind how she is sorry to trouble Priya and Ram in this as she doesn’t want to trouble them. Here, Nandini calls Ram and says did you talk to Shivi? Do you know what’s going on? Ram says don’t worry, I am going and bringing her back. Call ends. Nandini and Shubham smirk and discuss how their plan is going in thier favour. Shubh messages Shivi to start next step.

Shivi starts leaving when Akki comes and asks what happened? Shivi says you know what’s going on, your family is treating me bad, you also come with me. Seeing Akki silent, Shivi says you won’t come with me? But I have decided I am going, so if you don’t come then I will go and we won’t meet again ever. Shivi starts to go while Sara comes and says Varun’s bail plea is rejected. Shivi says they will never get bail and if they do, then you all will go to jail. Shivi starts to leave ehen Priya tries to convince her and gets a push by Shivi. Ishan sees this and says you pushed my aunt so now you take it. Ishan pushes Shivi and she falls down the stairs while Ram looks at Shivi who has fallen.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya is pregnant. Ram comes to meet Priya in jail when Priya tells Ram that it’s not his child.

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