Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 31st October 2022 Written Update: Nandini shocks Ram by leaving the Kapoor Mansion!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 31st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pihu and Priya coming to Ram secretly. Priya is dressed up as Tarun. Priya and Pihu inact like Tarun and Ram. Ram smiles at them and says you guys could have come from front door as well. Priya says if we would have then how would that be a surprise? As this is our adventure. Pihu says I am so happy seeing you both together. Priya says you did really good Pihu in making us come together. Ram says we are proud of you. They have a fun time when they hear thunder noises so they go to the balcony and play in the rain. Ram, Priya and Pihu have a pillow fight too. They laugh and spend a good time together. Pihu sleeps so Ram and Priya cover her with blankets and sit on the sofa. Ram thanks Priya for everything. Priya says I am sorry you are going through a lot. Ram says everything will get fine tomorrow, my family doesn’t priorities money, after tomorrow everything will get better. Priya thinks I so wish that was true. Priya puts haldi on Ram saying it’s your haldi. Ram also puts on Priya.

Priya says Meera will do it tomorrow. Ram puts haldi from his cheek on her. They remember all their past moments together. They come close. Ram says I want this moment to get locked forever in my heart. Priya says only I have the right to stay in your heart, no one else. Ram says I really like it when you get possesive like this. They hug. Suddenly due to thunderstorm noises, Pihu starts calling for Priya. Ram says I will drop you and Pihu. Priya says we will go with driver, you take rest as tomorrow is an important day. Ram says thank you for coming here. Priya says thank you for choosing us. Ram says family is not a choice but it’s what always keeps us together. Nandini and Shubham hear this and think Ram has decided to throw them out of the house. Ram says this will be the best adventure for Pihu.

Next day, Ram thinks to include Nandini and Shubham in their wedding and then he will surprise them with property. Ram asks Tarun about Nandini. Tarun says Nandini and Shubham went to farmhouse, they asked me to inform you that they won’t return till the time they don’t get the money. Ram tries to call them but it’s switched off. Ram messages Nandini for considering one wish for him to come to the temple. Ram thinks why did mom do this? i will select my family, Priya and Pihu which are my greatest wealth and I want to give mom all the wealth. Just then Adi and Brinda come to Ram excited about marriage. They see Ram sad and get to know about Nandini. Brinda says they should understand about your special day. Ram says I am happy as it’s our marriage day and then I will convince Nandini. Brinda says by giving them money? I don’t understand how you are okay with this. Ram says my greatest wealth is Pihu and Priya, but Nandini still blames Priya for Shivi’s death. Ram then jokes that Adi is his only friend left now so will he love Ram? Adi says forever.

Here, Sandy and Sara fight over the lehenga colour. Priya shocks them all saying she will wear a designer lehenga. Meera says wow I am shocked to know your this side. Priya thinks I know Nandini will do something to upset so I want to keep Ram happy at that time. Later, Brinda comes to show designer lehenga options. Brinda asks Priya how are you okay with Ram giving the property to Nandini? Priya says we want to become a family and property is not important for us. Brinda then shows Sara the options. Krish also comes there. Priya takes him outside and asks him about the doll house. Krish says it was nothing serious, but someone put some crackers and broke the wires of the lights. Priya thinks it was so dangerous to do so. Krish then asks Priya to express Ram about her feelings for him as he should know how much she feels for him. Priya says yes you are right. Later, Priya thinks this time I won’t support Nandini by letting her go, I will expose her as she tried to harm Pihu and Ram, my family.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram and everyone are waiting kn the temple. Nandini give Ram a letter by Pihu saying they won’t come. Ram notices the cracker sign and thinks Pihu is in danger so he leaves.

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