Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 4th February 2022 Written Update: Priya to wake up?

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 4th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram crying and praying for Priya to return back to senses. Ram holds her hand. Here, Nandini and Vedika, where Vedika says why are you letting Ram go so close and promote him with Priya? Nandini says for the first time, I am seeing love for Priya in Ram’s eyes, the love he had for you has now changed so I am acting accordingly, see the bigger picture. Vedika says this can’t happen, Ram loved me and will always love me. Vedika goes in anger. Shubham is watching all this from far and asks Nandini what is wrong with her?

Nandini says Ram always loved us first then he loved us and Priya equally but after today’s incident Ram will only be Priya’s. Till today, I never acted like a step mother but now we will have to see for ourselves as he is totally for Priya. Nandini says with today’s thing, Priya has taken the upper place in his life, he can’t lose Priya now. Nandini says let us go to temple. Shubham calls Ram and gets to know Ram left for temple. Ram thinks of all the moments with Priya, he thinks I failed as a husband but I will do everything for her. Shubham and Nandini gets shocked seeing Ram like that.

Meera and her daughters gather around Priya and cry. They ask Priya to come to senses. Meera remembers her childhood. Sara asks Priya to come soon. Priya doesn’t react. Sara says I am sure Priya is listening to everything, wake up Priya. Everyone asks Priya to wake up atleast for Ram. Ram is shown walking alone on the roads. Ram thinks please wake up Priya for your family if not for me. Ram is getting all the flashes. Ram thinks I am your husband and still couldn’t protect you, you completed your wife duties and now I will reach the temple for first aarti. Meera asks Sara to play Priya’s favourite song. Sara plays it. Ram and Priya and thier moments are shown while the song is played.

Ram comes to temple and also sees beggar so he gives money to the beggar. He gives food and clothes to few people and ask them to pray for his wife. He goes to temple. Ram prays to god for Priya. Ram says don’t give my half of punishments to her. Suddenly, Priya starts reacting and her monitor beeps. Doctors come. Family is asked to wait outside. Ram is ringing the temple bells. Ram imagines Priya by his side. Ram asks Priya you are here, talk to me. Ram asks Priya to talk to me. Suddenly, Ram’s phone rings and Sara asks him to come soon. He takes blessing from temple and goes. He decides not to let anything happen to Priya. Ram comes and barges into the room and asks Priya to wake up, open your eyes, see I am waiting.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya wakes up saying Ram’s name. Mahender tells Shashi what really happened.

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