Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 4th January 2023 Written Update: Avni chooses Sid over Lakhan!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 4th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Lakhan saying you can’t ruin a girl’s life, atleast when I am here you can’t harm Avni. Lakhan says we both love each other, Avni and me, so I won’t let you ruin this. Ram thinks Yash has not recognised this guy and he is talking like this. Ram says. Don’t bring the girl. Ram holds his collar. Swati sees this and prays to god to stop it. Lakhan tries to raise hands on Ram. Ram gets angry. Priya stops them and says let’s ask Avni. Ram says but he has no rights to say like that. Ram asks Yash and his family if they know this guy. Avni says he works at our home and his mother works at our house. Lakhan says please don’t bring my mom in here, it’s about you and me and how we love each other. Lakhan says don’t be sacred of anyone, I will fight against everyone for you, just tell everyone about us, please Avni. Avni says just stop it, I don’t know anything about this one sided love, I don’t love him. Lakhan is shocked and Swati feels bad for Lakhan. Ram says I knew it that you were bluffing. Sid also asks Lakhan to leave. Lakhan asks Sid not to touch him or else he will regret it. Lakhan looks at Avni and says please Avni, I know you are burdened so you are lying, please Avni for our sake, for our love’s sake. Ram says we are done, just because your mom works at their place so I am respecting that and allowing you to go or else I would have arrested you. Lakhan looks at Avni. Lakhan leaves from there. Swati cries and leaves too.

Ram says Yash how can you stay silent when he was putting all these allegations on Avni? Yash says I was so shocked that I couldn’t react only. Avni leaves from there. Priya thinks there is surely some deeper story. Ram thinks this guy always spoils my mood. Swati tries to find Lakhan, here, Avni is sitting on a bench outside and cries. Swati listens to it and goes to her. Avni hugs Swati and says I am sorry. Swati tries to calm her down. Priya tries to find Avni and goes to ask Soods. Sara says no. Pihu says who was that uncle? Why was he behaving like this? Priya says he was just scared to lose someone. Pihu says so will dad help him? Priya says if he is truthful then he will help. Priya leaves. Avni says I couldn’t support my love infront of everyone, you must be hating me so give me punishment, today because of me Lakhan felt humiliated and our love got humiliated. Avni cries, while Swati calms her. Priya thinks why did Avni left? If she loves Lakhan then why did she deny? Priya asks Pawan if he has seen Avni. Pawan says no.

Priya goes outside to look for Avni. Avni is crying and saying I didn’t do it deliberately. Swati says don’t say like this, I know and I understand why you did this, I understand your situation and how sometimes we need to go away from our loved ones, I have no complaints from you, trust me. Swati hears someone come so she leaves. Priya sees someone go and thinks who was she? Maybe Avni was talking to her. Priya comes to Avni and says we are not friends but you can trust me and tell me the truth, I know the pain of losing someone our own, I will explain Ram and we won’t tell anyone else, we will just support you. Just then, Yash comes and says there is nothing to say other than sorry, for the way our servant created a scene today. Veena says I want to talk to Avni. Priya says I came to look for Avni as she came out.

Yash says Avni got tensed for her father’s reputation so she got upset, I will set everything right. Priya thinks what is the truth? The one that is being told or what I feel? Shubham says we should teach that servant a lesson. Sid says Ram is on our side so we should chill. Priya comes and asks Ram why did you react like that? Ram says because I have met him earlier and he is really ill mannered. Adi says we should talk to the gaurds about how can anyone can come inside like this. Here, Lakhan tells Swati how Yash and Ram made fun of him and his love just because he is poor and not rich, that Ram judged me by looking at my looks that’s his ego and pride speaking, I know Avni loves me but because of Ram and Yash she backed off. Swati looks on emotionally.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram emphasis to talk to Avni himself before going ahead with the proposal. Here, Priya comes to Lakhan to find out the truth but Lakhan shows how upset he is on Ram.

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