Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th July 2022 Written Update: Priya agrees to help Ram!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nandini saying we have a big loan with us and I hate to see it but we need Priya, I will do something by which minister will get convinced and this thing ends soon. Shubham and Vedika look on. Here, Sara and Vikrant recieve Priya, Pihu and Ram. Vikrant and Sara take Pihu with them. Ram and Priya go inside the bakery.

Priya says I saw your wife and you. Ram says who told you? Priya says I heard in the temple. Ram says you must have enjoyed watching me get humiliated. Ram says so as you know, you think I was wrong? If so you can tell me so that I don’t seek for your help. Priya says so you want me to act like your wife? Ram says I need to show him I am a family man. Priya says but in reality it won’t be. Ram says no, it will happen like you say. Priya says I want to help you. Ram says there is a but. Priya says Pihu, I don’t want her to know. Ram says it’s not going to be easy but you need to, but if you don’t believe me then it’s different. Priya says it’s not about you, why do you always. Ram says in the past also you betrayed me and today also you said yes and now you are doing this.

Priya is about to go when Nandini enters and says I know your concern I am a mother too but I have a plan, if Pihu is left out of it are you okay with helping? Priya says yes but how? Sara says today we will have cocktail party. Nandini says there you both will say how you have overcome your differences for your sister and friend, we will call all officials needed and show them this one night and after that it’s over as Pihu won’t be there in the party it won’t affect her. Nandini says i also don’t want to hamper your life Priya and trust me Ram it will happen.

Priya agrees to help Ram by pretending to be a family with him in front of the minister and media. Ram thinks thank you, I hope it helps. Priya thinks I hope this ends and our paths don’t cross for Pihu’s benefit. After her commitment, Priya tells Ram that she will reach the decided place on time.

Ram proposes to pick up Pihu on his way but Priya resists the idea of him doing so. Ram sarcastically mocks Priya that he is aware that Krish will feel bad about him coming close to his daughter.

Meanwhile, Vedika tells Nandini that Priya can manipulate Ram in any way she wants by using her daughter. Nandini worries. Later, Priya and Ram meet the minister in the office. Priya says I can do anything for my family and specially for a person like Ram, he is a gem, that is why I have called you. Minister says but he is. Priya says time is needed to know Ram, we have arranged a jagrata so do come and know him, he is very kind and helpful, I hope you will come and know Ram in a better way. Minister says I will surely come. Ram looks on. Priya thinks I can take anything but won’t let you loose. Sandy and everyone come and thank Priya. Priya says sorry I didn’t ask you guy before planning Jagrata but we will not involve Pihu, I will handle her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram and Priya entering the Kapoor mansion. Nandini asks her to change in guest room as she is a guest.

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