Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 6th June 2022 Written Update: Ram beats Krish!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 6th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nandini asking Priya to go out of Ram’s life as if Ram stays with you then he will everyday get reminded of Shivi’s death. Priya says but why to punish the baby? Nandini says it’s your fault, you gave me a promise to do what I say if you ever fail to protect my family, so do as I say. Priya cries and says no. Nandini says I will hire a good lawyer and prove that you did murder of Shivi and then your child will go to orphanage. Flashback ends. Here, Ram says Priya is lying. Nandini says she is not, I have noticed things, I doubted them and asked Shubham to keep an eye on Priya and Krish, I am sorry I didn’t tell you all this till today, that girl is not right, she and her family are the reason for our sadness and difficulties. Ram denies to believe it.

Here, Meera asks Priya why did she say such a thing to Ram? I know you hate me but what has Ram or your baby has done? Priya says I don’t want Ram to get hurt seeing me everyday infront of him, I lost him the day I defended you and you had lied all this time, that is the reason I had to lie today and have to raise my baby alone, why have you come here? Outside, Ram questions Nandini why she sent him here? Nandini says I was happy for you, but seeing Priya say all that I know she still loves Krish. Shubham comes and cries saying Shivi is dead and these are her ashes.

Priya questions Meera how can she ruin her life. Meera says I did for your good. Priya says you took advantage of Ram’s goodness and because of you, you cursed his life and he is getting punished because of no fault of his. Priya says you have cursed and ruined my life and also my baby’s life so thank you so much for doing this. Priya turns her back to Meera. Meera leaves crying.

Here, Ram is unable to believe that Priya is wrong. Shubham says Ram will always go to Priya. Shubham acts like taking Nandini then Ram stops them and says it’s my fault I couldn’t be there for my family. Nandini says it’s all Priya’s fault she has ruined my family and murdered my daughter. Ram and Shubham support Nandini.

Priya cries and says Mahender won and said right when he cursed me. Priya says I can’t break down, as I have an important part of Ram inside me, I will make this baby just like Ram, I know you are not with us but I will give all your learnings to our kid. Priya wipes her tears and decides to be strong enough for her child. Here, Ram is walking on the streets and thinking all the old moments good and bad. Ram thinks Priya broke me and killed me from inside, I am filled with anger and hurt. Ram is about to fall when Krish tries to support him. Ram hits him and says because of you, my marriage broke and Priya is pregnant with your child. Krish thinks what has Priya told him? Ram says please tell me that you will be with Priya no matter what. Ram goes.

Later, Krish comes to jail to meet Priya. Priya says it was my decision and you don’t have to really take care. Krish says I want to be there. Priya says I want to be a strong mother for my kid, so please let me do. Krish says if you want this then okay, but I am always there for you just a call away. Priya says I know. Krish leaves. Priya hears rain and talks to baby saying how Ram loves rain and it will take away all the pain and hurt. Ram is walking in the rain, when Adi comes and says Nandini told me, please come home, leave all this. Ram says I am going to leave everything, I hate rain also now. Priya tells her baby how she will teach the baby to love the rain and will always take care of the baby.

Episode ends.

Precap – leap of few years is taken, where Priya is shown with her daughter enjoying the rain while Ram has become an angry man.

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