Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 9th August 2022 Written Update: Priya to confront Nandini’s doctor!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 9th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya thinking how Ram has love for everyone and he loves Pihu too. Priya thinks to meet Nandini’s doctor but lies to Nandini that she is going to meet Meera. Later, Nandini calls Priya and says tell Meera to come soon to discuss about wedding rituals. Here, Priya confronts the doctor about the medications Nandini takes. First, the doctor says it’s anti anxiety but Priya says how she knows the truth. The doctor says she is taking the prescribed medicines only. Priya thinks to expose Nandini and her lies.

Ram and Pihu play with lego. Ram makes Pihu see how the base should be strong. Pihu starts building above. Adi video calls so Pihu shows the lego. Adi says wow, spend some time with us too. Adi abuses a person so Ram asks him to talk properly as there is a kid. Adi says sorry and ends the call. Ram praises Pihu’s building skill. Then Pihu says time for my wish, Genie. Ram says okay tell me. Pihu gives a chit to him saying become Priya’s prince charming. Ram remembers how Priya said he is her prince charming. Ram asks Pihu if Priya wants him to be her prince charming? Pihu says it’s a wish and it’s Priya’s birthday. Ram says you are smart. Pihu says I have learnt from you. They laugh.

Here, Nandini thinks where are Meera and Priya? Nandini asks Vedika to go and talk to Ishan. Vedika says but he is with Soods. Nandini says Soods are here so go and talk to him. Vedika says okay. Here, Ishan is restless and thinks about Shivi and that day. Meera comes to Kapoor mansion so Nandini gets revealed seeing her and thinks our plan will be successful. Priya goes to Nandini’s room and thinks where the actual anxiety pills can be? Or did she throw it out? She tries to search everywhere possible.

Here, Vedika comes to Ishan who is alone. Vedika tries to talk to Ishan and give him a revisit to the day Shivi fall and die. Ishan worries thinking why is she talking about this? Ishan again remembers all that and worries. Vedika asks Ishan why is he afraid? Ishan says nothing. Vedika says Ram hates Priya so much I am afraid if he will ever take revenge from her. Isham stutters and says but Priya Maasi. Vedika says yes what? Here,Pihu calls out for Priya so Priya goes out of Nandini’s room. Pihu takes Priya to a dark room and surprises her. Pihu says me and your prince charming did this. Priya gets emotional seeing Ram. Ram wishes Priya. Ram calls Pihu Miss Sood. Priya adores their bond. They go to cut their cake.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandini threatens Priya face to face about revealing Ishan’s real truth. Priya worries.

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