Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 9th January 2023 Written Update: Ram calls Swati as his mother!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 9th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Lakhan kissing Avni’s hand and says I will fight with everyone for you, now I don’t care about anyone. Lakhan says tomorrow everyone will be busy in Mehendi rasam so we can run off, I will wait for you outside, you will come right? Avni nods. They hug. Here, Swati packs her stuff and she says sorry to Lakhan seeing Lakhan’s picture. Swati says today I chose Ram over you, I am sorry and even if it was not about Ram, Yash wouldn’t have agreed to marry you with Avni, only if you would have been Ram’s brother, but that truth is I can’t tell anyone about this truth. Swati prays to god to do something. Veena comes and says if you feel like we are family, then please talk to someone. Veena gives Swati the phone and goes. Ram greets Swati and Swati becomes emotional. Ram asks Swati to join for his mehendi ceremony as he doesn’t have a mother and no matter what Lakhan did, she is a good mother by telling them the truth. Priya also requests her so Swati is unable to say no. Call ends. Veena becomes happy knowing Swati accepted the invite. Swati thinks now what will I do? How will I go? What if Nandini sees me? Swati worries.

Here, Mehendi preparation starts while Vikrant gets romantic with Sara. Brinda says you guys are being all lovey dovey. Just then, Adi comes and takes Vikrant. Brinda asks Adi to learn to be romantic from Vikrant. Adi and Vikrant go. Adi shows Vikrant some papers that Ram asked him to prepare. Vikrant sees it and they both discuss how Ram is being emotional and if Nandini and Shubham see it then they might posses a threat to Priya. They think to discuss with Ram. Priya comes and asks what is the matter? Adi says we were talking about how we boys were thinking to write names of our wives and see who is the most romantic. Priya says Ram will win that. They all go inside for rasam.

Pihu shows how she wrote both Ram and Priya’s name. Ram and Priya become happy seeing that. Yash and his family are outside the kapoor mansion when Swati says I feel weird to go inside with you guys as I am a servant. Yash says we never considered you as one and after what Lakhan did, Ram wants you there so you should respect it. Veena also says the same thing. Swati hides her face in pallu. They go inside. Ram greets them and seeing Swati in pallu he feels she is feeling ashamed maybe and he will have to talk to her alone. Vikrant and Adi ask Ram to discuss something so they leave. Shubham and Sid welcome Yash and his family. In the room, Vikrant and Adi show Ram the paper he asked for and they also try to show Ram how he is naming everything in Priya and the kids name and how this might make Shubham and Nandini angry. Ram says this is my hardwork and I want to give it to my family, I don’t care what they think of, I want to think about my family now. Adi and Vikrant praise his idea as they always wanted Ram to think of his own family. Adi and Vikrant take leave. Lakhan texts Avni about how he will reach Kapoor mansion in 20 mins.

Lakhan packs his bags and writes a letter for Swati. Lakhan expresses how he is unable to understand why Swati is doing all this knowing that in this world only Swati and Avni are important to him without both of them he will die. Lakhan gets emotional and cries. Here, Ram talks to Swati’s picture saying I am doing and my mom taught me, and today I just want her to give me strength and always be with me. Swati hears this and she thinks Ram is referring to Nandini as mom. Swati thinks I wish I could be the one Ram thinks of this highly. Swati knocks at the door and says I am Lakhan’s mother and I wanted to talk to you. Ram says give me a few minutes, I am coming. Swati says no please, I am ashamed to talk to you face to face. Ram thinks maybe because of what Lakhan did. Swati gets emotional and says I am sorry on behalf of Lakhan but he is not bad from heart, he has done some mistakes and it’s the situations that he went through that made him like this. Ram says I saw him fighting with Kaka on road. Swati says actually Sarita Kaki, Kaka’s wife was abused by him always so Lakhan went to protect her, I am not just saying to protect Lakhan, I just want you to understand the truth, actually Lakhan has seen lots of hardships that has made him this bitter, he didn’t have a brother like you to guide him. Swati says as a mother can I ask you a favour? Ram says sure Ma. Swati cries hearing Ma and says please don’t misunderstand Lakhan and give him another chance to grow and prove it to you. Ram looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mehendi function starts. Avni and Lakhan run away. Pawan tells Ram about Avni going somewhere in a cab shocking everyone.

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