Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Mahender’s crimes to come out!

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In Bade Achche Lagte Hain, with Ram doubting if his dad’s accident was planned, the truth about Varun helping Shashi steal some important evidences come out. This creates a doubt between the couple Ram and Priya! On the other hand, with Nandini eyeing Ram’s will. It will be interesting to watch if Nandini gets successful in changing the will according to her!

In the on going track, Ram consoles Priya and they romance. Next day, Priya gets a nightmare remembering how Mahender got Varun for Sara. Priya goes to Meera and tries to talk to her. Meera worries seeing Priya put allegations on Varun. To protect her two daughter’s marriages, she lies saying she had donr a background check on Varun and it was clean. Meera apologies to Priya in her thoughts fot lying. On the other hand, Varun comes to meet Krish while Ram also comes. Ram gets shocked knowing about Varun’s confrontation done by Priya. Ram wonders why didn’t Priya tell him. Ram and Krish make Varun call and bring Shashi there. Later, Shashi doesn’t show up and his driver comes warn Varun. Ram gets furious over Varun but seeing Ishan, Ram gets cooled off. Nandini gets to know about Varun’s involvement and thinks to create a scene and steal the will using Mami. Before the puja kept for Virender, Shubham makes a scene with confronting Priya over hiding Varun’s involvement. Ram too gets upset and questions Priya and her loyalty towards kapoor family. Nandini asks them to let it go but Ram keeps being upset on Priya. Just before the puja, the number plate is revealed and it’s shown how Mami found the number plate with Priya’s items. Priya says she didn’t know about this, she got it from Meera and might be of Mahender. Nandini creates a scene saying Mahender only killed Virender and Priya tried to hide it. Ram tries to support Priya but with remembering how this number plate was missing from that day, he gets suspicious. Priya tries to explain herself but Ram doesn’t trust her so Meera takes Priya from there with her.

In the upcoming episodes, Ram will come to Sood house to ask Priya for a favour. Priya will promise to do as he says. Ram will ask priya to make Meera arrested. Priya will get shocked.

Will Krish help Ram find the murder? What role Varun has in Virender’s accident? Will Mahender be successful in his mission? Will Ram put forward his doubts infront of Priya? How will Ram find the truth about his dad’s murder? Keep following this space for more information about your favourite shows!