Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Nandini to mislead Ram!

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In Bade Achche Lagte Hain, with Ram doubting if his dad’s accident was planned, a stranger comes forward to help him. What truths will come to light and how will it affect Ram and Priya? It will be interesting to watch what is in store for the couple Ram and Priya?

In the on going track, Priya and Ram spend some quality moment when Ram confesses his love for Priya. Priya blushes but is unable to say the three magical words back. Suddenly, light goes off in Ram’s room which makes Ram worried for security. Varun is behind all this, who by mistake took out fuse of Ram’s room. Varun worries knowing he took out Ram’s room fuse and hides while Krish comes to the fuse room to check and finds its to be suspicious. Ram asks Shubham to book the presidential suite for him and Priya so Shubham does it. Ram gets happy to know Shivi cooked for him specially and gets happy. Priya gets to know that the cake is a blunder as it has fish so she eats all of it and doesn’t let Ram eat it. Priya falls ill and feels vomiting, when Ram thinks Priya is pregnant. Later, Ram announces this infront of all. Priya discards all the rumours. The doctor comes and states Priya has food poisoning. Priya reveals the cake had fish and she ate it so that Ram doesn’t fall ill. Later, Ram goes to Santosh but Shashi has already reached out to him so Santosh talks ill about Ram’s father which anger and upsets Ram. Seeing Ram missing Priya decides to tell him about the kidnapping. Later, Nandini emotionally pushes Ram which makes him realise he should make a will so that his family doesn’t struggle after him. Nandini gets happy. Priya and Krish go to Ram’s office and tell them about Priya’s kidnapping which upsets Ram. Later, Ram and Krish sit together for drinks as Ram is upset where Ram confronts Krish for liking Priya.

In the upcoming episodes, Priya and Ram will argue over their fight and lies. Ram will call Krish Priya’s ex lover. Priya will get angry.

Will Krish help Ram find the murder? What role Varun has in Virender’s accident? Will Mahender be successful in his mission? Will Ram put forward his doubts infront of Priya? How will Ram find the truth about his dad’s murder? Keep following this space for more information about your favourite shows!