Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Priya and Ram to go through a big change!

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In Bade Achche Lagte Hain, with Ram doubting if his dad’s accident was planned, the truth about Varun helping Shashi steal some important evidences come out. This creates a doubt between the couple Ram and Priya! On the other hand, with Nandini eyeing Ram’s will. It will be interesting to watch if Nandini gets successful in changing the will according to her!

In the on going track, Priya tries to explain herself but Ram doesn’t trust her so Meera takes Priya from there with her. Ram decides to focus on the case and catch Varun. Priya breaks down and thinks she has lost Ram. Meera pledges to save both her daughter’s marriage. Priya sneaks inside Mahender’s house and finds her purse she lost during her kidnapping. Varun gets to know Ram is suspecting him so he meets Mahender where Mahender reveals how Varun was the one driving the car on the day of accident. Priya records this all on her phone.

Here, Ram and Krish ask Meera for telling them about Varun, but she remains silent. Later, Priya calls Krish to Mahender’s house. When Priya confronts Mahender and Varun. Mahender tries to kill Priya when Ram comes and makes them arrested. Priya and Ram express their love to each other, but then, Ram asks for a help from Priya. Ram shows the witness statement of Meera the night the accident happen.

Priya is not ready to believe so Ram asks her to choose between him and Meera. Priya denies to believe it and asks for sometime to let her bring out the truth. Ram gives her time. Shivi starts doing as Shubham said and asks Ram to pick her up as the Soods are treating her bad. Ram gets worried and thinks to get Shivi. Shivi asks Akki to leave with her but he remains silent. Shivi provokes Ishan and Sara tells Ishan about he being only her son and not Varun’s Ishan gets disturbed. Later, Priya tries to stop Shivi but she doesn’t. Ishan pushes Shivi and she falls off the stairs.

In the upcoming episodes, Priya will find out she is pregnant and call Ram to give the news. But instead of Ram, Nandini will hear it. Later, when Ram will get to know and go to jail, Priya will say it’s not his baby.

Will Krish help Ram find the murder? What role Varun has in Virender’s accident? Will Mahender be successful in his mission? Will Ram put forward his doubts infront of Priya? How will Ram find the truth about his dad’s murder? Keep following this space for more information about your favourite shows!