Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Ram and Priya to feel the connection?

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 is Sony’s new trending show. As the track is bringing Ram and Priya closer, viewers are loving the chemistry. The cast is very refreshing and eye catching. While the lead character names remain same. With the track moving fast, viewers are excited to see Ram and Priya bond.

In the current track, Ram and Priya have married and sense that there can be a scope of bonding between them. Whereas, Ram finds out that Akki has taken a job offer due to which he will have to go abroad tonight leaving his marriage. Later, it is revealed Akki is getting framed by Mahender but Priya clears Akki’s name. Ram feels proud of having Priya as she clarified Akki and Shivi’s relationship. Next day, Priya is welcomed into Kapoor mansion with warm welcome. Priya and Ram bond slowly to take this ahead.

In the upcoming episodes, Ram will say there is a surprise for you, upma with ghee. Priya will smiles. Vedika will say I have to prove Sid innocent, but who did this with Ram. Sid is with Shivi. He will ask Raj to take the pic. Nandini will think of Neeraj, that he can help me. Ram and Priya will argue. Priya will say I m going for my classes. Ram will say we can go together.

Will Ram and Priya start feeling for each other? Will Nandini be able to accept Priya? What challenges are next for Priya?