Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Shivi to blame Akki?

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In Bade Achche Lagte Hain, with Anjali joining hands with Vedika and playing double game, Akki is blamed by Shubham, Ram and Shivi. Priya helplessly tries to save Akki but with Anjali putting all the fake allegations on Akki, Ram is convinced by her. It will be interesting to watch how will the couple sustain this?

In the on going track, Ram finds Akki lying to him regarding investing so Ram worries for shivi. Here, Anjali meets Priya and tells about the person being someone who calls her bhabhi. Priya connects the dots and finds out that it might be Shubham. Priya is unable to tell the truth to Ram while Anjali asks Priya to meet her today only. Anjali also calls Akki. Akki fears. Anjali pretends to be the victim infront of Akki. Shivi and Shubham are listening to it and so is Ram. Priya is occupied by Maitri and is unable to tell the truth to Ram. Shubham comes inside and holds Akki’s collar. Akki is blamed by Shubham to have cheated on Shivi. Shivi cries and is shocked. Akki tries to slap Shubham but Ram stops Akki. Ram decides to take Shivi with him even when Meera tries to stop him.

In the upcoming episodes, Priya comes infront of the truck to save Ram. Priya gets hurt and Ram confesses his love for Priya.

Ram will warn Neeraj? Will Priya and Ram confess their feelings? Will Akki and Shivi’s matter bring drift between Ram and Priya? Priya will know the truth about Vedika and Ram? Will Ram and Priya patch up?