Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 10th August 2023 Written Update: Shreya’s truth out in open.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 10th August 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shreya and family planning to get Shalini’s signature making use of the situation. They ask Shreya to get it but Shreya says she can’t do everything. Ram and Priya are tied up with face covered. Ram tries calling Priya but she faints. He keeps calling out to her while the goons mock him. Ram asks Priya to wake and confesses his love to her. He panics as Priya doesn’t respond and the goons say that she’s no more. Ram couldn’t agree and moves towards Priya and keeps calling out for her while the goons enjoy the mockery.


Shardul gives a car number to Inspector saying that it doesn’t belong to any of employees and asks him to check on it. Inspector sends it for tracking and says a location. He asks if anyone from Ram’s family could have done it but Aleekha says that Ram loves his family a lot and it’s not possible. However Shardul says the probability is there as Ram himself knows that no one from his family is true to him but just ignores the fact. Inspector agrees to look on it. Priya wakes once the goons leain ve and says that she pretended to faint to fool the goons. She says that she watched in a movie where heroine tried the trick and escaped when the goons loosened their guard. Ram appreciates her.

Aleekha calls Shreya and informs her about Police finding the location of the kidnapper’s car. Shreya gets panicked and calls the goon. The goon who’s near Ram and Priya puts the call on speaker. Shreya scolds him for making the blunder and warns them to not let Ram and Priya alive. She says that no matter what she shouldn’t get caught. Rithika also overhears the conversation. As the goons leave, Ram is shocked that Shreya is behind it all. Priya says not only her many in his family is plotting against him and his mother. Rithika pulls Shreya by hair and gets into a fight with her.

Priya reveals about his family mixing poison and wrong medicines in Shalini’s food to weaken her heart. She tells about getting the food tested and Ram is shocked to learn it all. He feels betrayed. They escape by cut opening the rope with glass piece. Ram stops Priya and asks if she heard his confession earlier and Priya says she did. Ram confesses that he loves Priya and Priya reciprocate it. They both reveal how the other person complete their life and hug and declare their love. Rithika brings the culprit Shreya in front of everyone and plays the video of her talking with the goon. Shalini gives a tight slap to her and asks her the reason for the betrayal . Shreya expressed her hate got always getting things from begging and expresses her hate on Ram.

Precap: Ram says Kriti that he don’t feel the connection with her. Kriti says it’s just a contract marriage and both their families gets shocked. Before Ram could answer Priya says that they never knew when the fake wedding turned into real one.

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