Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 4th August 2023 Written Update: Ram and Priya go missing!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 4th August 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shalini asking Shreya to keep her ill logics as she will take care of it all. Shalini goes. Shreya and Kriti talk about how this time maybe they have an upper hand and Shalini is all set to scold Priya. They both get excited and leave for office. Here, Gaurd goes to office and sees blood and the main gate open he follows the blood on floor and informs police. Police and media both get alerted about the situation. Sanju and Anju talk about ensuring Priya doesn’t feel lonely in this situation where everyone is pointing fingers at her. Anju says I am so happy with the way Ram reciprocated to the media, Priya got a very nice groom. They feel emotional about the struggles Priya always face. Sanju says I am sure she will come out of this clean and this situation will also make her stronger.


During the breakfast time, Shivani and Maitreyi plan to fill more things against Priya in Shalini’s mind. They smirk in a evil way and start executing their plan. Shivani says to Shalini that how she must be very tensed about Ram as Priya broke his hear really badly. Shalini is just emotional and is holding back her tears. Maitreyi says from the beginning only Priya’s actions were so pretentious and it seemed like she did all the wedding rituals half heartedly, specially when it came to first cooking ritual after marriage, I feel Priya had her mind fixed on Ram’s money.

Shivani says with the pictures floating over media and internet we are getting so many calls and texts it must be so hectic we can’t even imagine how it must be for Ram, I think Shalini you should do something or else Priya will always feel like a free bird. Shalini says yes I have taken my decision. Shivani says good after all Priya didn’t even think about the reputation and started her affair after marriage.

Sona comes and says I won’t hear a word against Priya. Everyone is shocked. Sona says Priya was out and not in clinic to help me, I was going through something miserable and we didn’t want anyone to get worried in family. Everyone is shocked. Shalini is confused. Sona says I ended everything with Abhi, as his real face was that he was with me for money and business, he had a girlfriend Neha who is Priya’s friend, he left Neha in a day to be with me because of the business and money we have, when I realised this I was shattered and Priya helped me deal with this. Slowly when I moved away from Abhi I got attached to my college friend Jai and started dating him, so mom your daughter got saved by Priya is don’t taunt her or badmouth her. Shalini cries.

Shalini says I doubted on Priya who kept my Ram happy, took care of me and then with Sona also she took the blame silently, Priya didn’t care about her character or the media rumours she kept silent, I feel guilty to think of Priya wrongly, she is rightfully the perfect bahu for this family and perfect wife for Ram. Shalini asks everyone to not utter a word against Priya going forward. Everyone is silent. Here, Shreya and Kriti come to office and they are shocked to see Police and media. They say how they found blood and CCTV was switched off for 20 mins and Ram and Priya got abducted. Shreya and Kriti get tensed and worried.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya tries to wake up Ram. Shreya scolds Kriti for adding the pill in Ram’s drink.

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