Baghin 12th February 2024 Written Update: Gouri is asked to leave her house.

Baghin 12th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Chaudhury speaking to his brother regarding some issues. Agni comes and tells his brother that although the masses don’t know, he knows that there’s not much fund with them and to win an election money is required. Shekhar asks him to not listen to Agni and tells that he should be motivating his brother in these times rather than demotivating him. Agni asks his big brother not to rely on Shekhar’s appeasing words. He then says that there’s still time and that he again got a call for Baghin’s hunt. If they get to hunt him, they would get a huge amount of money for his skin and the seat would be his.


Chaudhury says to Shekhar that one must not listen to Agni. He asks Shekhar to take care of the work that he has been assigned. He warns Agni to not do any act that would be shameful for him and their party. Agni finds Deva sitting alone and drinking. He says that they have the same fate and alcohol is not a solution. Deva says that it is medicine for him. He asks Deva to focus on his hunt. He says he understands everything just that some relations are bothering him. Agni says he would talk to him once he is sober and leaves.

She gets down from the rickshaw without giving him his money. When he asks for his money, the woman tries to frame him. Deva proceeds and saves the man. He asks the woman to apologise to her. Adhyakshaji arrives in her car and gets down. She asks her assistant to get rid of him. He pushes Agni. They have a fight. Agni opens his belt and starts beating the woman’s counsellor. Agni makes him open his clothes and dance in the middle of the road. Shekhar and Shamsher arrive at the place and stop Agni. The woman insults Shamsher in the name of Agni. She says that she can’t make a bad decision by giving him a party ticket and leaves.

Shamsher says to Deva that he must leave in front of his eyes and he has raised an animal instead of a son. He says that he had wasted ten years of his patience and hard work in just ten minutes. Gouri and Bhagat come back home when Buaji stops her and insults her. She keeps on taunting her and doesn’t let her speak. She compares her with her daughter Tani. She accuses her of trying to act smart and deceive her. She asks Gouri to leave. Deva drinks even more and misbehaves with Gouri. Episode ends.

Precap : Gouri would be rescued by Deva’s brother.

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