Baghin 19th February 2024 Written Update: Bua instigates Bhagat against Gouri.

Baghin 19th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Gouri telling Veer that they need to leave for home immediately. He asks if she doesn’t trust her at all. She says that it’s not about trust. If she stays with him all night, her father would have to listen to many things which he won’t be able to bear. Back at home, Bua brainwashes Bhagat and says that Gouri was more interested to meet Veer than him so she didn’t listen to her and left. Bhagat leaves to find Gouri. Veer tells Gouri to trust him and says they can swim till the other end and go back home. So they get into the water and swim till the other end.

Gouri feels stressed thinking Bua’s words. Something gets inside her feet so Veer bends down to check what’s wrong. Meanwhile Baghin Rani is seen roaring nearby. As they start walking towards home, they find Baghin Rani approaching them. Gouri stands there and takes a bow of Baghim Rani and joins her hands. Agni sees this from a distance and wonders how this is possible. Veer throws something at Baghin and then asks Gouri to run away.

Deva made a big hole in the lockup and fled from there. Durjan gets up on his bike and follows him. Deva makes him run till a good distance then Agni comes and gives Deva a lift. He tells Deva that he saw Baghin a few minutes back so he gives him his gun and asks him to bring good news immediately. Gouri asks Veer why he threw a stone at Baghin. She says that she protects this village so she wouldn’t have done anything.

As Veer feels a little sick, Gouri runs to bring some herbs for her so that he feels better. Meanwhile Gouri meets Deva who holds her mouth and asks her not to make a sound. Durjan comes looking for him but since he hid inside some leaves with her, he fails to find her. Gouri asks him why he is still trying to kill Baghin when she is a protector of this village. She says that twenty years back Baghin’s mother was killed and this village faced a drought and many people commited suicide. So if he does this, the same thing won’t happen again. He asks Gouri to move from his way and pushes her off. Episode ends.

In the next episode, Deva would be confronting Baghin once again while Bhagat would be seen sick. To know what happens next keep watching Baghin.

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