Baghin 20th February 2024 Written Update: Bhagat dies.

Baghin 20th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Veer meets Deva in the jungle. He asks Deva about the gun so he lies and says that it is for scaring people. Gouri says that he is lying and he is trying to hunt Baghin Rani. Although Gouri says a few times and tries to make Veer understand that he is trying to hunt, Veer doesn’t believe him. Shamsher comes and asks Veer where he had been for so long and why he looks like this. Veer says that he and Gouri had been on a boat in the river and it went upside down so they got wait. Shamsher takes away Veer and Gouri with him.

As they leave, Deva meets Baghin Rani again. He tries to kill Baghin Rani. While aiming at Baghin, Gouri’s words echo in his ear so he faces difficulty pulling the trigger. Agni comes and shoots Baghin. Bhagat comes to the location and asks Agni why he killed Baghin. He says that things that happened twenty years back would be repeated . As Veer and Gouri come back home, Kitty starts blogging about them. Gouri says that she needs to leave now since her father would be worried. Veer says he would go and drop her. Veer’s mother asks him to change first and then go.

As Veer brings Gouri back home at night, bua starts taunting her. Although Veer tells Bua that she is not to be blamed as it is all her fault. Bua says that there must have been some lack in her grooming only. She tells Gouri that her father had been very worried about her and hasn’t come back since. She and Veer go to the jungle to look for Bhagat. They fail to find him anywhere. They reach the mandir early in the morning searching for Bhagat.

Finally Gouri sees him so she apologises to him from behind for sometime and says she won’t repeat this again. As Bhagat doesn’t say anything for a long time, she goes close to him and shakes him. He falls down. She screams and tries to wake him up but Veer says he is no more. Bua’s words echo in her ears so she thinks that Bhagat died because of her. Episode ends.

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