Baghin 21st February 2024 Written Update: Baghin Rani is alive.

Baghin 21st February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Shamsher asking Agni how would he win the election when he killed Bhagat. Agni says that he should be grateful to him becasue if he hadn’t killed Bhagat, he would have spread the news of him killing Bagjin Tani in the entire village that wouldn’t let him win the election either. Shamsher says that earlier Durjan Singh was after Deva, now he would be after him. Agni says that it takes a lot of time to find an alibi and within that time, the election would be over. He asks Shamsher to trust on him.

Shamsher says he can never be trusted. Agni says he killed Baghin but didn’t find her corpse. Their mother comes and says he wouldn’t even find the deadbody since she is an avatar of Ambe Ma. Agni says he is fed up of hearing all this. He asks if he killed Baghin adhira twenty years back, it was also not alone for him. Some of them wanted rich cars, some jeweleery, saree etc and all of it came from the money he got from killing Baghin Adhira.

Gouri is seen repeating the words that she is a killer and she killed his father. Veer tells Gouri that the killer js someone else and asks her to check the marks on his neck that shows clearly that he hasn’t died but has beem killed. Shekhar tells Shamsher that whatever has happened has happened. Now they must see whatever has to be dome to repair things. As Shamsher calls Veer and asks him to come back, he says that they need to call the police since this is a planned murder . He says that the criminal must be punished for sure.

Gouri cries and says that Bhagat had no enemies them why would have someone killed him. Bua arrives with Tani and Panditji for the morning puja and finds Bhagat’s body. Veer informs Durjan that Bhagat that there has been a mirder in the village so he mist come and visit. As she gets to know that Bhagat is no more, she starts crying. The entire body gathers round Bhagat’s body. Durjan comes to investigate. He sees Bhagat’s neck and says that this is not murder since the mark is of towel. He would find the same mark on different people’s neck in the village. He has been bribed by Shekhar.

Deva and his men find Baghin in the jungle. Baghin comea near the mandir and sees everything. She has witnessed Bhagat’s mirder. Veer says that there is a possibility that Bhagat has been killed or he got choked so his body needs to be sent for post mortem. So he asks Durjan to take away Bhagat’s body for post mortem but the villagers don’t allow this. Deva is informed by his men that Baghij is destroyed the entire check post. He comes and checks the checkpoint and wonders how can Baghim be alive when they killed her yestday. As Veer asks Gouri to decide wjat to do with Bhagat’s corpse, Gouro faints. Shamsher asks Panditji to prepare for Bhagat’s last rites. Pandotji asks Veer to complete Bhagat’s last rites as he didn’t have any son.

Gouri regains consciousness and asks Bhagat to tell her who killed him. She shakes Bhagat and keeps on questioning. She gets some herbs in Bhagat’s hand and thinks that Deva must have killed him. Episode ends.

Precap : Gouri would be blaming Deva for Bhagat’s murder.

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