Baghin 22nd February 2024 Written Update: Bhagat’s last rites are completed by Deva.

Baghin 22nd February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, the villagers preparing for Bhagat’s last rites. Deva comes and talks to Agni. He informs that Baghin is alive for sure but doesn’t know how. He thinks this might be Matarani’s chamatkar. Agni says there’s nothing like this and asks how long did he start believing in the villagers gossip. Agni says that there’s nothing like this. Seeing Deva, Gouri shakes him and blames him for Bhagat’s murder.

She says that Deva is Bhagat’s killer. Veer comes forward and says his brother can’t even think of doing this and says he hasn’t done this. To make Gouri believe in him, he makes Deva swear upon him. Veer’s mother comes and asks Gouri to not take advantage of them and asks her to behave. Deva comes and asks his mother to at least become a good mother in law if not a good mother. As Veer leaves the last rites in the middle, Gouri completes the rest of the ritual.

Later at night, Baghin enters Shamsher’s house campus from the gate. Kitty was making a vlog like always but she gets to hear Baghin’s roar. First she gets scared and gets distracted, then seeing her soft toy she feels it’s him but since Baghin keeps on roaring she peeps out of the windownd gets to see Baghin there. She gets scared and calls her family members. They check out of the window but don’t find anything so they think she is playing a prank. As Dadi goes to check, she doesn’t find anything there and the power goes off.

At the place of Bhagat’s last rites, while Deva tries to set fire to Bhagat’s body, Gouri screams and says she won’t even let his shadow fall on Bhagat but he says that’s enough. Deva finally does the ritual himself. Shamsher and his family leave the place one by one but Gouri stays back crying. Dadi calls their servants and asks why the power has gone off but no one replies. She wonders if the twenty year back history is going to repeat itself. Baghin walks behind Dadi. She sees that Maharani’s diya has gone off for the first time in this house. She lights the diya again feeling uncomfortable seeing all this and prays to Lord.

Baghin reaches the ground where Bhagat’s corpse is burnt. She comes in front of Gouri where she cries sitting alone. As she stares in her eyes, some magic happens and Gouri’s eyes are seen burning with fire. She picks up a bamboo and moves forward. Episode ends.

Precap : Agni would see Baghin out of their house and try to finish his job.

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