Baghin 23rd February 2024 Written Update: Kitty tries to tell everyone that she saw Baghin.

Baghin 23rd February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Gouri raising her hand with the stick and almost jumping over hurting Deva’s back. He starts bleeding from his wound. Then she suddenly comes back to her consciousness and wonders what she just did now. As Shamsher comes back home with his wife and Shekhar, they see that there’s no electricity and Kitty comes running and tells them that she saw Baghin. After the electricity comes back, Shamsher’s mother tells him that the diya turned off today and also that there’s paw marks of Baghin on her saree pallu and it’s torn.

Shamsher says that it must have got stuck into something and got torn. Although she keeps on saying, Shamsher tells her that this must be her mistake since Baghin comes inside the home. As his mother talks about the 9inch paw marks, Agni comes in and says they must be of some cat since Baghin is no more and he has killed Baghin herself. They had an argument. Shamsher wonders if Kitty really saw Baghin then she must really be alive.

As Gouri sat in front of the fire of his father’s dead body, she was almost about to get burnt. Deva sees it and comes running to save her. As he saves her, Gouri pushes him off and asks Deva to not even touch her. She again says that he killed her father. Deva says that no one lies in front of a fire and a dead body so he is saying for the last time that he didn’t kill her father. As she falls sick and almost faints, Deva picks her up in his arms and decides to drop her home.

As Veer wakes up at his friend’s and gets out to go back home, he meets Tani who says that the last rites are over long back and he was outside all night. As he faces difficulty walking due to being drunk, Tani helps him walk and says she would help him reach hime. As Deva brings back Gouri and makes her lie on the bed, Gouri’s bua makes a scene and starts her drama. As Gouri remains unconscious, Deva takes a class of Bua. As she says that she should go die before seeing Gouri do anything bad, Deva picks up a knife and threatens her. Gouri wakes up and asks Deva who he is to teach Bua a lesson and asks him to leave and never come back. As he leaves, Bua asks Gouri to not do something that would even bring down Tani’s image. She goes out to find Tani. Episode ends.

Precap : BaghinRani makes Gouri follow her.

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