Baghin 24th February 2024 Written Update: Tani helps Veer go back home after being drunk.

Baghin 24th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Veer panicking about what he did. As he says that once he goes back home, his mother is going to ask him a thousand questions. Tani asks Veer to not worry and asks him to stand still for sometime. Tani checks if he is able to see properly then gives him a chewing gum to chew and after that sprays deodorant over him.

After that she says she would go inside with him so that he is not able to face so many questions alone. Then he ties a handkey over his knee and kicks him there. She asks him to now limp and walk with those feet.As Veer asks him to go back, Tani says that she would act as his alibi. Agni is seen firing in the air to kill Baghin but he fails to see her. He agitatedly asks Baghin to come and face her. He keeps on shouting in rage and calling Baghin. He behaves like a lunatic and keeps on firing . Shamsher and Shekhar arrive and ask Agni what’s wrong with him. Agni says he just saw Baghin.

Agni says that their mother is right that Baghin is alive and she has entered the Haveli. Shamsher slaps Agni and says that when the Roychowdhury’s drink they don’t let anyone know that one is drunk. As Agni doesn’t listen to him, Shamsher asks Shekhar to make him understand and bring him back home. Agni keeps on arguing with Shekhar that without killing Baghin he won’t go anywhere.

Tani brings Veer inside his room. He says that she is an expert in making stories and talking. She says she would give him an opportunity to return his favour and asks him to sleep. She sees the room and notices everything while thinking what all things she would change in this room after she comes here as Veer’s wife. While living Tani sees Agni standing in his room with his gun and still scared. Agni says that he would do the same thing that he did with Baghin Adhira and torture her to death. As Tani comes out of the house, Deva warns her to stay away from Veer. Tani says that she isn’t Gouri whom he would scare off. Deva pits his feet in front and makes Tani trip and ends up dirtying her face. Deva asks her to stay away from the Haveli.

In the middle of the night, suddenly Gouri wakes up and walks outside. Bua follows her. She comes outside and asks someone where she has to go. Bua thinks it must be Veer and she would catch her red handed tonight. So she decides to follow her. Gouri is seen running behind Baghin Rani and asking where she wants to take her. Gouri starts running behind Baghin so Bua asks her to stop. Gouri falls down and regains her senses. As she tries to explain to Bua that she went behind Baghin she doesn’t believe her and asks her to leave.

Next morning, Bua starts her drama again and taunts Gouri. She shouts at her for arguing with Deva. As Gouri says she wouldn’t marry in that house, she shouts at her even more. She says that she must marry Veer or else Shamsher would be very harsh to them. Tani tells her mother that she is the one who would marry Gouri. Veer and Deva talk to each other and he lies to Deva about last night. He tells Deva that he really loves Gouri and is going to meet her. Episode ends.

Precap : Veer would be seen promising Gouri to never leave her alone.

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