Baghin 25th March 2024 Written Update: Agni makes a deal with Dujan.

Baghin 25th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with, the Choudhury’s coughing in the smoke while Clinton lies there dead on the ground. Agni shouts and says how could Baghin kill Clinton while Tandav Baba is still here in the house. He runs to end Tandav Baba’s dhyan. Shekhar asks him not to do something like this or else it would prove to be a disaster. Agni doesn’t listen to anyone and he goes straight to the room when Tandav Baba was chanting his prayers.

Agni accuses Tandav baba of being a fraud and asks him to leave immediately. Shekhar apologises to him on Agni’s behalf and asks him to stay back but he curses Agni and leaves. Deva goes to find Gouri. He finds her lying in the corridor. He lifts her up and brings to the room. After coming to the room, Gouri asks him why he has lifted her. Deva says since she wasn’t in a condition to walk or even stand up, he had to do this.

Deva asks Gouri to go and sleep. Gouri is seen laughing thinking of Clinton’s death and sniffing and licking her hand in a possessed state. The other members of the Choudhury house get to see the dead body of Clinton in a very poor condition and get scared. Tandav Baba says that Baghin would kill everyone, selecting them one by one. Shekhar still requests Tandav Baba to do something for their house. Agni shouts and says that he didn’t do his work properly and asks if he was trying to stop Baghin at all or not.

Tandav Baba says that Baghin isn’t scared of anything neither the gun nor a sword. He says that their entire family would die due to his dumbness and leaves. Agni laughs and taunts Shamsher. Shamsher tells Agni that since he only called Clinton at home, he would get rid of the corpse secretly without letting anyone else know. Baghin appreciates Gouri and says all of her enemies would die one by one. Later at night, Kitty gets scared to sleep alone so she comes to her parents room to sleep.

Gouri feels weak and has a bad headache. She worriedly wonders what is happening to her since she feels the same again and doesn’t remember anything at all. While Agni and Deva dig the earth to bury Clinton, Durjan arrives and checks the corpse. Drva and Durjan engage in another argument. Agni stops them and shows the greed of money to Durjan. He agrees for a double amount and leaves. Episode ends.

Precap : Shamsher would see Gouri in her possessed avatar and witness her turn into Baghi and attack Durjan.

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