Baghin 26th February 2024 Written Update: Veer apologises to Gouri.

Baghin 26th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Veer visiting Gouri’s place. While Gouri does her work while crying, Veer apologises to her. Tani stands behind and listens to them. He promises Gouri that this won’t be repeated again and asks for forgiveness. As she remains silent, Veer asks her to say something. Gouri turns around and asks him to break their relationship. She joins her hand and begs him to ask his family that he won’t marry her. He tells her that they were destined to meet and when the Lord has written something in their destiny no one can stop that.

He promises to never leave her. Tani wonders why he is changing himself for Gouri. She says to herself that only she would get married to Veer no matter what. Shekhar is seen calling Sudeshna’s name and asking her to stop. She gets inside the jungle and tells him that she can’t let Veer marry that uneducated woman Gouri. Shekhar says that this is just a political move to win the election. He also says that if they don’t understand Veer’s viewpoint being lovers themselves then who would understand him. Suddenly Baghin comes and chases them.

After running for some time, Shekhar falls down and hurts his leg. He asks Sudeshna to leave but she says she can’t leave him like this. Baghin jumps and scratches Shekhar. Then they somehow escape the jungle and leave in their car. While Gouri works at the mandir, Chotu comes and gives her a packet saying it’s a chocolate. As she opens the box, she finds a cellphone. Veer talks to her and says that he knows that his father was everything for her and now when he is not there, she can share anything with him anytime. Veer comes to meet her. Tani comes here as well.

Tani asks them if they didn’t get any other place other than the mandir to have romance. She gives ideas about places to do romance. Veer tells her that things aren’t like she is thinking. She asks her to stay out of this and warns her not to speak about matters she doesn’t know about. Veer asks Gouri to take care of herself and takes her leave.

Shekhar comes home late for the meeting . Shamsher tells him that he never expected this from him. He says he was in the jungle. He tells that Baghin is alive and he was attacked by her. Shamsher doesn’t believe him and says that Agni can’t be right and says that Baghin is dead. Sudeshna comes and says that Shekhar is telling the truth. She says that the bruises on Shekhar’s leg is Baghin’s scratch. Shamsher doubts Sudeshna. She taunts him. Episode ends.

Precap: A goon is seen blackmailing Sudeshna.

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