Baghin 27th February 2024 Written Update: Tani tries to defame Veer.

Baghin 27th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Gouri standing infront of her father’s photo and crying while putting up a garland over it. She is broken after losing her father. She gets a call from Veer. Some goons arrive at Shamsher’s house and call Shamsher. Kitty and Dadi ask them who they are. They ask the goons to leave but they say they don’t talk to women. Sudeshna comes and asks them to leave. The goons say that they are Ranaji’s aide. They say that Shamsher has borrowed a huge amount of money from Rana and this Haveli is on mortgage. He says they only have a month’s time to return the debt or else they would make them leave this house. He pushes Sudeshna but Deva comes and saves her from falling.

He fights with the goons and gives them a hard time. Kitty shoots the fight like she always does. Deva asks if they would leave on their own or he would throw them out. He starts a countdown and they leave on their own. After they leave, Deva’s chachi hurriedly tends to his wound. Shamsher comes back home and asks what’s all this. He asks if he did all of this and asks who gave him the right to enter this house again. His mother says that he hasn’t come here on his own wish but because he cares.

Shamsher says that he is here to protect them. Dadi speaks out and says that that day he slapped Deva so would she slap him today for keeping their house on mortgage and for the arrival of the goons in this house at the same time. Shamsher says that when he has taken the loan and kept the house on mortgage, he would himself fix things. He says that every time Deva comes, he ruins everything. Deva leaves the house.

Veer gets a message from Gouri asking him to meet at some place. He buys flowers for Gouri and asks the address to some place and leaves. Tani leaves for someplace and asks Gouri to buy some things for the house so that she doesn’t get bored. Veer reaches the place and feels weird. He wonders why Gouri must have called him here. He tries to call Gouri but doesn’t get through. Someone injects something on his back from behind and he falls down.

As he gets up he gets to see a shadow of a woman. He thinks it’s Gouri. He asks why she has called her here and it’s weird that he is feeling dizzy. He is given some water to drink after which he starts feeling heavy headed. It’s actually Tani and not Gouri. She says she would take care of him. Shamsher tells everyone that he would fight alone and get back the Haveli without anyone’s help. Episode ends.

Precap : Gouri and Deva have a confrontation.

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