Baghin 3rd April 2024 Written Update: Gauri and Deva come closer

Baghin 3rd April 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with the conversation between Sudarshana and Sudarshana. They both share their emotional insecurity to each other. In the night, Gauri recalls the family dispute between the two brothers and and feels disturbed. She couldn’t able to sleep peacefully in the night and thinks how she would handle the whole village. She prays to the almighty seeking more power. Taking the Raksha Kavach, her inner power starts to transform. She comes into the room of Agni and exchanges with the original Raksha Kavach. To take the revenge, she plot against Agni. After leaving of Gauri, he feels something odd in his surroundings but couldn’t able to see anything. Coming in the terrace, Gauri proceeds to throw the original Raksha Kavach so that it will be destroyed. Again she comes into her own room, and sleeps in her bed peacefully.

Ahead, Shekhar doubts whether Deva seems to know about the illicit relationship between Sudarshana and him. Meanwhile, Deva comes into his room and shows the election ticket. He made the ticket in his name so that he could able to fix the matter. He doesn’t want Sudha in the election but Shekhar tries to explain the whole issue which is going to a more complicated way. But Deva wants Sir to take this vital decision that who will fight in the election.

Coming into the room of Shamsher, Deva unboxes the whole matter and asks his sir to decide who will contest the elections instead of him. He wants Shamsher to take care of this responsibility but it wouldn’t be possible in the next election. He is asked to indicate the right person through his one glance so that they could understand the choice of Shamsher. Everyone of the room keenly notices the eyes of him. He keeps his glance in Deva who is elected for the upcoming election. He promises he will not break the trust of Shamsher. He also takes the blessing of his commandera and leaves the room. Being rejected by Shamsher, Sudarshana feels very angry and irritated. But Veer and Tani bith try to win the trust of her and promise they will be by her side forever. They also motivate her by their false words so that she would fight against Deva.

In the room of Deva, he struggles to out off his shirt but he couldn’t handle it by himself. When Gauri also comes to help him out, she also tries her best. After a few minutes, they both fall in the bed together and get embarrassed being each other’s arms. Gauri also feels immensely embarrassed.

Episode ends.

Precap : Gauri will attack Agni to take her life and he will run to Tandav baba to save his own life.

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