Baghin 9th February 2024 Written Update: Deva works for Agni.

Baghin 9th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode starts with, a woman doing her morning puja and surya pranam in a waterbody. Bhagwat teaches a girl how to arrange things for puja at the mandir. He recalls how Bela used to do all preparations earlier. Chaudhury and his family come to the mandir with a bhet for Puranmashi puja. Agni asks hkmnif Baghin would come for the puranmashi puja. Bhagwat says it can’t happen that Baghin won’t come on the occasion of puran masi. Agni calls and asks Deva to be ready.


Deba is seen pouring blood over his body from a bowl himself. As soon as he does this, Baghin comes running after him. He runs forward to take Baghin somewhere and hits the same lady who was offering her prayers. She gets scared seeing Baghin while Deva ajms at Baghin. The tiger again starts chasing Agni but the woman gets away. She thanks her Lord for saving her life.

One by one Deva and Baghin cross over four traps by jumping over but finally Deva traps him inside a cage which was the fifth trap. He hears a gunshot and a car arriving. He clears his face and comes out. Gouri’s bua arrives and says that all preparations would have been complete if Bela was alive today. She asks Gouri to not roam around and asks Bhagat to go and bring the murti of bhagwan. Bua ji keeps on taunting them. Gouri says she would bring the murti and leave.

Deva meets the police and welcomes him by the name Doorjan. He is reminded by the constables that his name is Sajjan Singh. He behaves adamantly with the police. The police ask what he had been doing to her in the jungle. He says he had been playing along with the animals here. Sajjan reminds him of the wildlife protection act. He hears the tiger roar so he goes to check what’s wrong. He finds the cage in the jungle but finds it empty. He leaves with Sajjan’s bike keys and says he will return it on time. Agni is seen laughing and saying that thirty years back he himself killed Baghin Adhira and now Deva would kill Baghin Rani.

Agni is informed that Deva couldn’t kill Baghin Rani. Agni’s elder brother warns him about this poaching bug . He doesn’t listen a word and says he is the king of the jungle. Agni’s dadi Yashoda Chaudhury prays to Lord for protecting his grandsons. Veer and Deva meet in the jungle and start a race. Deva reaches home running before Veer and says he won.

Precap : Chaudhury would be seen warning Deva.

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