Baghin: Agni complains to Deva about Gouri!

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In the latest episode, Sudarshana is seen telling Deva that she is ashamed of the fact that he is her son. Gouri and Bua overhear this heated argument between them. Bua says that maybe because Shamsher is sick, they are stressed and hence this argument and hopes everything gets okay when Shamsher recovers.

Agni is seen telling Deva that Sajjan’s death and Shamsher’s paralysis must have a connection. Deva doesn’t pay any heed to him. Gouri comes in with some oil that is good for paralysis recovery. Deva and Gouri sit with Shamsher and start massaging his feet. He keeps on staring at Gouri and looks restless. They think he must be feeling some pain in his feet but Agni finds it weird.

Later at night, Gouri wakes up being possessed and gets to see Agni’s photo in these images first so she decides to kill him. Agni celebrates the death of Sajjan Singh and Cinton by drinking since both of them had been asking for money from him. He is seen laughing since his work of killing Sajjan and Clinton is all done by Baghin so easily. He is of the opinion that two such big incidents can’t happen in just three days and there is something fishy in it.

Agni sees Gouri standing in the corridor alone in a weird attire. He asks her to go to her room and change. He stares at Agni and then pushes him off. Being annoyed, Agni goes to complain to Deva. He wakes up Deva and asks him to call Gouri. Deva says that she is sleeping in the room and asks him to go and sleep. He requests Agni to beat him or say anything but he won’t tolerate anything against Gouri.

In the next episode, Veer would be seen dressing Gouri’s wound that would make both Tani and Deva jealous. To know what Gouri does to Agni next, keep watching Baghin.