Baghin: Deva chases Baghin Rani!

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Baghin is a story of a strife between worshippers and killers.


In the latest episode, the story continues after twenty years. Bhagat’s daughter Gouri is a young lady now who helps with the household chores as well as lends her hand in her father’s work. She is seen doing surya pranam and offering her prayers early in the morning. Bhagwat teaches a girl how to do the preparations for puja while recalling his wife Bela who used to do all of this with great expertise but has left this world now.

Deva is seen pouring blood over his body from a bowl himself. As soon as he does this, Baghin Rani comes running after him. He runs forward leading somewhere and hits Gouri. She gets scared seeing Baghin while Deva aims at Baghin. The tiger again starts chasing Agni without doing anything to Gouri. She thanks her Lord for saving her life.

One by one Deva and Baghin cross over four traps by jumping over but finally Deva traps him inside a cage which was the fifth trap. He hears a gunshot and a car arriving. He clears his face and comes out. Gouri’s bua arrives and says that all preparations would have been complete by now if Bela was alive today. She asks Gouri to not roam around and asks Bhagat to go and bring the idol of matarani. Bua ji keeps on taunting them. As Bhagat hurts his leg, Gouri says she would bring the murti herself and leaves.

Deva has an encounter with Sajjan Singh, a police officer who warns him about the wildlife protection act but finds out that Baghin Rani has escaped the cage. Agni is informed that Deva couldn’t kill Baghin Rani.
In the next episode, Agni’s elder brother would be seen warning Deva for the arrival of police at their haveli. To know what happens next, keep watching Baghin and stay tuned to this space for more updates.