Baghin: Deva flees from jail!

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In the latest episode, Gouri is seen panicking and telling Veer that they need to go back home immediately. Veer says she can stay here with him for a night but Gouri says she can’t and she has to go back for sure. On asking if she doesn’t trust him, Gouri says that if she stays back, Bhagat would be taunted and abused by the villagers which he won’t be able to bear. Veer understands her and suggests that they swim across the river and reach the other side from where they can go back home.Although Gouri doesn’t know how to swim, Veer helps her and they reach the other side of the shore.

As they start walking towards home, they find Baghin Rani approaching them. Gouri stands there and takes a bow of Baghim Rani and joins her hands. Agni sees this from a distance and wonders how this is possible. Veer throws a stone at Baghin and scares her away. Meanwhile Deva flees from the jail and Durjan follows him in the jungle. Agni gives Deva and lift and asks him to bring good news for him by killing Baghin.

As Veer feels a little sick, Gouri runs to bring some herbs for him so that he feels better. Gouri meets Deva who holds her mouth and asks her not to make a sound. Durjan comes looking for him but since he hid inside some leaves with her, he fails to find her. She becomes upset with Deva’s acts and warns him not to cause any harm to Baghin but he pushes her off and asks her to leave.

In the next episode, Deva would be confronting Baghin once again while Bhagat would be seen sick. Would Gouri be able to save Baghin? To know what happens next, keep watching Baghin.