Baghin: Gouri asks Veer to call off their marriage!

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In the latest episode, Veer is seen apologising to Gouri for leaving her alone during her father’s last rites. He promises to never do this again and begs for forgiveness. Gouri asks him to call off their marriage but he says that since their match is made in heaven, no one can stop them.

Shekhar is seen calling Sudeshna’s name and asking her to stop. She gets inside the jungle and tells him that she can’t let Veer marry that uneducated woman Gouri. Shekhar says that this is just a political move to win the election. He also says that if they don’t understand Veer’s viewpoint being lovers themselves then who would understand him. Suddenly Baghin comes and chases them.After running for some time, Shekhar falls down and hurts his leg. He asks Sudeshna to leave but she says she can’t leave him like this. Baghin jumps and scratches Shekhar. Then they somehow escape the jungle and leave in their car.

Veer gifts a mobile to Gouri and tells her that from now on she can talk to Veer whenever she wants and share her feelings with him. He comes to meet her at the mandir. Seeing them talk, Tani arrives and asks them if they didn’t get any other place other than the mandir to have romance. She gives ideas about places to do romance. Veer tells her that things aren’t like she is thinking. She asks her to stay out of this and warns her not to speak about matters she doesn’t know about. Veer gets pissed off hearing all this and asks Gouri to take care of herself.

As Shekhar comes back home and tells Shamsher that Baghin is still alive and has attacked him, he doesn’t believe. Sudeshna also tries to tell him that Shekhar is telling the truth so Shamsher doubts her. In the next episode, a goon would be seen threatening Sudeshna for some money. To know what happens next, keep watching Baghin.